The Inclusive Classrooms Summer Symposium is an annual skills building event for members of the Gillings community to create more inclusive classroom experiences. With varying topics every year, the symposium provides instructors, including faculty, instructional staff, and teaching assistants, with history, theory, and practical skills to critically analyze their course content, delivery methods, and assessment materials to foster more anti-oppressive teaching environments.


save the date flyer for the 2021 inclusive classrooms

The 2022 Inclusive Classrooms Summer Symposium will occur June 14-16 via Zoom



This nine-hour event counts toward the Gillings School’s annual inclusive excellence training requirement.


Module 1: Creating Inclusive Classroom Discussions (Tuesday, June 14th)
Participants will learn effective teaching strategies that foster open and honest communication between faculty and students to build an inclusive learning environment.

Kimberly E. Simmons, PhD
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Institute for African American Studies and Research
Department of Anthropology, University of South Carolina


Module 2: Promoting Inclusivity in Classroom Discussions (Wednesday, June 15th)
Participants will learn about avenues students can use to share feedback about their experiences in the classroom, structures in place to address issues raised, and creative ways to incorporate student input into teaching practices. Participants will also hear from student panelists and faculty about strategies for harm reduction when instances of bias, racism or other challenges arise in the classroom.


Module 3: Facilitating Critical Conversations in the Classroom (Thursday, June 16th) Participants will learn how to engage students in critical conversations through interactive practice facilitated by an instructor.

Sonny Kelly, PhD
Instructor of Communications, Fayetteville Technical Community College Actor, Motivational Speaker, Storyteller, Theater Delta Facilitator, Comedian, Veteran U.S. Air Force Officer