NC Public Health/Hospital Collaborative

The NC Public Health Hospital Collaborative (PHHC) is a partnership of local and state public health leaders, hospital leaders, and community-based stakeholders created to lead collaborative efforts to measurably improve the health of North Carolinians. The Collaborative:

  • Fosters focused health improvement initiatives;
  • Creates unified health advocacy;
  • Shares common data and information; and
  • Captures and desseminates best practices.

Partners in the Public Health/Hospital Collaborative

  • NC Institute for Public Health
  • NC Division of Public Health
  • NC Association of Local Health Directors
  • NC Hospital Association
  • NC Center for Public Health Quality
  • CareShare Health Alliance
  • Center for Health Systems Research and Development, East Carolina University

Community Health Assessments

The PHHC is particularly involved in community health assessments (CHAs). Nonprofit hospitals are required to conduct a community health needs assessment at least once every three years (effective for tax years beginning after March 23, 2012) and adopt an implementation strategy to address the most significant health issues. CHAs are also required for local public health agency accreditation.
The PHHC’s goals regarding CHAs are:

  • To create a common understanding of changes in Community Health Assessment and Community Benefit laws among hospital and health department leaders in order to promote collaboration among NC hospitals and health departments on these activities.
  • To create models of effective community collaboration that integrate Community Health Assessment and Community Benefit into an improvement cycle that advances Healthy NC 2020 outcomes.
  • To develop a national model for conducting collaborative community health assessments among local public health agencies, hospitals and other partners.
Specific objectives of the PHHC for CHAs:
  • By April 15, 2012, 95% of NC hospitals and health departments will understand the new CHA and CB requirements and the rationale for joint collaboration.
  • By January 1, 2013, 75% of NC hospitals and health departments will be working collaboratively on joint CHA and CB activities.
  • By April 1, 2014, 20 NC communities will show measurable improvements in Healthy NC 2020 outcomes related to priorities from CHA and CB work.

More on how NCIPH can help with CHAs

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