The Instructional and Information Systems (IIS) group follows and helps enforce UNC IT standards and policies, as collated at http://its.unc.edu/policies. Policy questions may be directed to Kathy Anderson, Assistant Dean for Information Technology, at kathy_anderson@unc.edu.

The Instructional and Information System’s Incident Management Policy describes the procedures for responding to information security incidents.

Campus security policies require that all university faculty, students, staff, temporary employees, contractors, outside vendors and visitors to campus who have access to University-owned or managed information through computing systems or devices must maintain the security of that information and those systems and devices. 
Researchers requesting IRB approval for studies involving human subjects must comply with a set of data security guidelines described at the end of a set of FAQs here.
To assist with compliance, the SPH leadership has designated Information Security Liaisons (ISLs). ISLs act as intermediaries between departments or units and the campus Information Security Office.  They assist with implementation of security policies & initiatives, and respond to security incidents.
Current SPH Information Security Liaisons
Department or unit
Overall coordination & guidance for SPH   
Kathy Anderson
Central School – Dean’s Office, central administrative units (CAUs)   
Bryan Andregg
Biostatistics (main)   
Scott Zentz
Biostatistics (CSCC)
Carl Smalley
Biostatistics (CSRL)
Robert Agans
Environmental Sciences & Engineering
Jim Wallace
David Kleckner, Spencer Gee
Health Behavior
Bryan Andregg
Health Policy & Management 
Paul Barrett
Maternal & Child Health
Bryan Andregg
Tom Yates
Public Health Leadership Program
Bryan Andregg