SPH Laptop Policy: All students must own a laptop meeting the UNC campus minimum requirements.

Information Technology Services (ITS) at UNC
ITS offers a wide variety of technology support and services for students on and off campus.

Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI)
The CCI offers high-quality and affordable technology for the campus. Students can purchase Lenovo or Apple computers and peripherals at an educational discount price.

Computer Repair Center (CRC)
The CRC is a Lenovo-authorized computer repair center, located on campus providing students with the quickest possible warranty repairs of their CCI purchased Lenovo model laptops and desktops.

UNC Help and Support
The hub for technology help, support, and resources at UNC-Chapel Hill. The site boasts over 1,800 documents to help you find a solution to your computing questions. Students can live chat with a help desk consultant or submit a help ticket on this site.

ITS Response Center (ITRC)
For some immediate help, students can visit the ITRC’s two walk-in locations for software support for both CCI and non-CCI computers. The ITRC:

  • works with the Computer Repair Center (CRC) to resolve hardware issues on Lenovo/IBM computers;
  • partitions Mac hard drives for free; this service usually requires that the computer is left with ITRC for 72 hours (helps to optimize running programs like SAS);
  • installs software/updates for programs like Microsoft Office and virus protection (Symantec); and
  • connects your personal computer to the UNC network.

Software Acquisition
ITS Software Acquisition offers a single, centralized point of contact for information and media about University Software site licenses. The office also provides software media to students. Procedures for obtaining software will vary depending on the license agreement. Software is free or deeply discounted for students.

ITS Virtual Lab (VL)
Allows students the ability to connect to a virtual desktop via any network computer at any location, on or off campus. A VL session is like sitting in front of a station in the ITS Computer Labs and having access to applications, shared files, and CCI printing on your own computer. Applications available through the virtual lab include Adobe Creative Suite 5, Microsoft Office 2010, Matlab, PASW-SPSS Statistics 19 and SAS (important for HB 601!).

Computer Labs
Accessible across campus–the closest lab to the school of public health is located in the Health Sciences Library (HSL) across from Rosenau Hall. There are 30 work stations available (26 PC’s, four iMacs) in the HSL.