The MHA is a professional degree for students wishing to pursue management careers in health systems, hospitals, consulting firms, managed care organizations, insurance firms, non-governmental organizations, medical group practices, government agencies and other settings.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program at UNC is to improve decision-making and leadership skills of emerging professionals who aspire to managerial roles as well as mid-career professionals looking to advance to higher level management and leadership positions in health and public health organizations in North Carolina, the United States, and globally. Our practice and research-focused faculty prepare students through a balance of classroom and experiential learning with a focus on health equity.

Our Vision

We aspire to remain a program of choice for professionals looking to develop, manage and lead effective, equitable, and responsive organizations improving the health of individuals and eliminating health inequities.

Our Values

The Department of Health Policy and Management’s values reflect inclusive moral principles and beliefs shared by our faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Master’s Competencies

The HPM Competency Model comprises five domains—Communication and Relationship Management, Leadership & Professionalism, Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment, Management, and Finance & Analytics –and 26 competencies identified as relevant for graduates in health policy and management.

Inclusive Excellence

Promoting and valuing diversity in the classroom enriches learning and broadens everyone’s perspectives. Learn more.

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HPM's Residential and Executive MHA programs are CAHME accredited.
HPM’s Residential and Executive MHA programs are CAHME accredited. CAHME Mentorship Circle status recognizes that HPM’s MHA programs —in addition to achieving the high standards of CAHME accreditation—engage in activities that help to extend CAHME’s mission of advancing the quality of graduate healthcare management education. Mentorship Circle status recognizes that HPM’s MHA programs provide opportunities to other students and other programs to advance their own experiences and skills—for the good of the entire healthcare field.

BSPH, MSPH and Resident MHA:
Academic Coordinator: Yolonda N. Childs

Doctoral and Executive MHA:
Academic Coordinator: Kim Sieler

Assistant to Chair: Stephanie Forman
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