BSPH Program Ambassadors

The BSPH Program Ambassadors are seniors majoring in Health Policy and Management. These students are happy to answer any questions you may have about the program, the application process, and student life in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. You are welcome to reach out to a Program Ambassador directly via email. Click on their names to learn more about their interests and what they feel makes HPM special.

Chetwynd, Kathryn (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Health Administration, Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Women's Health, Patient-Centered Care

Hello! My name is Kathryn Chetwynd and I am from Cary, North Carolina. My favorite part about the BSPH HPM program is the cohort-style learning where I get to deeply collaborate and learn from my peers every day. I also love the endless support and enthusiasm from the teaching team, especially as I explore different public health careers and the opportunities HPM offers. After I graduate, I would like to work in project management, process improvement, or quality assurance!

Ellis, Charlotte (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Community outreach and engagement, implementation science, cancer care, health disparities, preventive care, patient-reported outcomes

I'm Charlotte Ellis, and I am a Chapel Hill native! I have loved everything about HPM so far, especially my cohort and the extensive support given by faculty and staff. I really like getting to engage with my peers and my coursework in a more meaningful way than I did during the first two years of college. After I graduate, I want to get a PhD and work in putting public health evidence into practice!

Issa, Wasan (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Health security, global health and global health diplomacy, health systems management, health data and optimization, refugee health, humanitarian aid and delivery, health policy, intervention frameworks, disasters and emergency response, complex emergencies, and conflict management

Hi! My name is Wasan Issa and I’m originally from Zarqa, Jordan but grew up mostly in Louisburg, NC. What I cherish most about the HPM program is the tight-knit community and extensive network that extends far beyond Carolina. Additionally, the program equips you with practical skills and a level of engagement that will prove invaluable in any professional setting. After graduation, I hope to take a gap year abroad, working in the field of global health diplomacy and security before heading back to graduate school to continue my studies in foreign policy and health policy.

Jones, Emily (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Health policy, governmental public health, rural health, population health, health communications, behavioral health

Hi! My name is Emily Jones, and I'm from Lawndale, NC. I love the HPM BSPH program because of the close knit community we have, the abundance of support options, and the comprehensiveness of the program. After I graduate I hope to gain experience in health policy on the state or federal level, or continue my work on health communications before considering grad school.

Jones, Hannah (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Health disparities, social determinants of health, local public health, community health

Hi! My name is Hannah Jones and I'm from Arlington, Virginia. I'm excited to be an HPM Ambassador this year and share my love for this program! This program is such an incredible community that I feel so grateful to be a part of. Like many of my peers, I came in to the HPM program on a pre-med track, but quickly realized that wasn't for me and I'm much more passionate about the population-level and policy perspective to achieve health equity, especially on a community and state level. After graduation, I’m interested in a career involving local public health and health policy work.

Kim, Hannah (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Health equity, health policy research, quality improvement, access to care, health disparities, intersectionality of race/gender/sexuality and health

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Kim and I am from Lansdale, PA. I currently have career interests in health policy research and advancement. I am particularly passionate about improving access and quality of care for underserved populations and investigating how race, gender, and sexuality, intersects with one's health and wellbeing. My favorite part about HPM has been the constant support from not only my peers, but the faculty as well. The team-based projects and assignments have been extremely beneficial to my work ethic and communication skills. I have also gained great career and academic guidance from my mentor and professors, which is not something you find everywhere.

Kirby, Madison (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Healthcare administration, quality of care, process improvement, community health

Hi everyone! My name is Madison Kirby, and I am from Hendersonville, NC. My favorite part of HPM has definitely been the community. Everyone is so welcoming and I have made some of the best friendships through this program. The faculty goes out of their way to make sure we feel supported and are successful. My college experience would not be the same without it. I am very interested in healthcare administration, healthcare operations, and improving the quality of care for patients.

Liu, Emily (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Health disparities, global health, patient-centered care, improving access to health and health outcomes among undeserved communities, eye health

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Liu and I am from Milwaukee, WI. While there are countless aspects of HPM that make the program incredibly unique, my favorite feature is the tight-knit community of faculty and peers. The BSPH HPM program provides countless opportunities to make meaningful connections with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. As a double major in HPM and Neuroscience, I plan to pursue medical school after graduation and integrate my undergraduate knowledge into the medical field with the ultimate goal of enriching the promotion of health.

Locklear, Caroline (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Population health, minority health disparities, health equity, cancer disparities in racial/ethnic minorities, performance and quality improvement

Hey everyone! I'm Caroline Locklear and I am from Wilmington, North Carolina. I cannot express enough how much I have enjoyed the HPM program and the positive impact it has had on my educational experience. The diverse curriculum, and dedicated mentorship has broadened my understanding of what a career in healthcare can be. After graduation I plan to take at least two gap years prior to applying to medical school. In these years I hope to work in a position in healthcare consulting or administration where I can use the skills I have learned in the BSPH program to explore population health and ways to promote equitable care for all.

Martin, Amanda (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Patient Centered Care, Healthcare Administration, Quality Improvement, Pediatric and Cancer Care

Hi! My name is Amanda Martin and I live in Cary, NC but am originally from Ohio. I plan on becoming a pediatric doctor and I feel that a background in public health is extremely important for physicians to deliver the best possible care. Being in the HPM program has made me realize how much of an interest I have for pursing a MHA or MPH in addition to medical school. Applying to HPM was the best decision that I have made during my time at Carolina and I feel lucky to be so well supported by my peers, mentors and professors.

Regelsberger, Emily (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Healthcare strategy, innovation in healthcare, biotechnology, healthcare data analytics

My name is Emily Regelsberger and I'm originally from Rochester, NY. I'm interested in healthcare strategy and the intersections between healthcare/life sciences and business. I'm also minoring in data sciences, as I'm interested in taking an analytical look at new healthcare innovations. I love the community aspect of HPM, having a dedicated career services coordinator and staff that are genuinely willing to help you learn and grow. Every student in HPM is passionate, driven, and unique, and it's such a supportive environment to be surrounded by. Upon graduation, I plan to work in the life sciences segment before getting an MBA, with the ultimate goal of becoming a leader in this space.

Sayeed, Shaista (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Healthcare strategy, healthcare innovation, healthcare quality improvement, health disparities and inequities, global health, healthcare administration, and healthcare consulting.

Hey everyone! My name is Shaista Sayeed and I am from Concord, North Carolina. I am most passionate about finding innovative solutions for pressing healthcare issues within our society (and trust me, there are a lot) and emphasizing the importance of cultural competence within public health! I am especially interested in helping healthcare providers improve the quality of care while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs because I find it vital for our physicians and medical providers to understand the impact of the healthcare system on an individual's life beyond just the medicine. My favorite part about HPM has to be the people and the community that you get to build alongside your peers. The support and comradery you find in this program is truly one of a kind. In addition to HPM, I am also minoring in Neuroscience and Chemistry in order to broaden my knowledge base within the medical field! After graduation, I want to pursue a MBA with a concentration in Healthcare or a MHA with hopes of becoming a Healthcare Consultant and ultimately finding a career in Healthcare Administration as a hospital executive.

Shipley, Zoe (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, health policy, political and social activism and health policy advancement

Hi! My name is Zoe Shipley and I am originally from Carroll County, Maryland. After graduation, I hope to work in sexual and reproductive health policy to help advance reproductive justice at a community-based level. I am someone who thrives in collaboration, and as such, HPM has easily been one of the best things about my Carolina experience. I love the opportunity to work with cohort peers who are equally as dedicated, passionate, driven, and more than welcoming. It truly is the best sense of community and friendship while you are constantly challenging yourself to grow into your best version of a public health professional.

Stillwell, Anna (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Sexual and reproductive health, Maternal and child health, global health, clinical health, health inequities and disparities, nutrition

Hi! My name is Anna Stillwell, and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. The BSPH HPM program has so much to offer, but one of my favorite parts about it is the versatile and holistic approach to understanding healthcare locally and abroad. Being pre-med, I thought there was a direct path for me to follow, however, HPM has allowed me to explore a multitude of healthcare and medical-related opportunities that I would have never thought about before. In light of this non-linear journey, I hope to take a few gap years before attending medical school to learn more about the healthcare system -- both its strengths and weaknesses and continue to apply them to my practice.

Thayil, Jacob (He, him, his)

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Public health interests: Health disparities, health law, healthcare access, medicaid/low income/safety net policy, health politics and reform

Hi everyone! My name's Jacob Thayil and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. My favorite part of HPM is the structure of the major/courses- from being assigned a faculty advisor who offers one on one support a to small classes where you are able to really get to know your peers/professors and work closely with them- it's designed to help you succeed and form a close knit community. After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in health advocacy and law in a policy research/legal organization.

Webb, Nathan (He, him, his)

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Public health interests: Global health, health economics, implementation science, maternal and child health

Hi everyone! My name is Nathan Webb and I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee. My favorite parts about the HPM program are the faculty mentors who have truly shaped my career trajectory, all the amazing friends that I have made in my cohort, and the enriching class content which I have constantly applied in my research job and summer internship. I am so excited to use all that I have learned in this program as I continue my path to a career in medicine and public health research. The HPM program is life-changing and supports students as they find their path to make the world a better place for everyone.

Wilson, Shamar (He, him, his)

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Public health interests: Healthcare consulting, Healthcare administration, Value-Based Payment, Patient Reported Measures

My name is Shamar Wilson and I am from Pittsboro, North Carolina. Upon graduation, I plan to work in healthcare consulting with the hopes of eventually transitioning into healthcare administration. As someone who’s deeply passionate about creating meaningful connections, my favorite aspect of the BSPH HPM program is the collaborative nature of the curriculum and the extensive alumni network.

Wohlfarth, Megan (She, her, hers)

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Public health interests: Global health, healthcare consulting, healthcare strategy, health disparities, sexual and reproductive health and rights

Hi everyone! My name is Megan and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. If there's one thing I'd highlight about the HPM BSPH program, it's the unparalleled support from our faculty and staff. Their dedication to our learning, their willingness to go the extra mile, and their mentorship have truly made my HPM experience transformative. Post-graduation I will be diving into healthcare consulting with a focus on global health. Eventually, I envision a shift to non-profit or policy work.

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