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Meet with our BSPH Students: The BSPH Program Ambassadors

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A few of our wonderful program ambassadors!

BSPH Program Ambassadors

These students will be happy to answer questions you may have about the application process, the program, or student life in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Please review the student bios and then sign up here for a one-on-one meeting with a program ambassador! If you are not able to meet during the ambassador's office hours, then please feel free to email them for their other availabilities.

Akshay Sambandham (he/him)

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Public health interests: retail health, healthcare finance, healthcare consulting, healthcare strategy

My favorite part about HPM is the professional community of like-minded, highly motivated students who bring together a diversity of perspectives/interests within our shared passion for improving the healthcare system. I aspire to pursue a career in consulting after UNC so that I can gain experience working with a breadth of clients in different industries and functions. Ultimately, I hope to align somewhere in the intersection of retail/consumer goods and healthcare.

Aneri Kothari (she/her)

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Public health interests: health disparities, social determinants of health, preventive/primary care

HPM has played such a large role in my development as a student. One of my favorite parts of this program are the countless opportunities to work with peers and collaborate in teams. This has allowed me to think critically and consider diverse perspectives, which is important in any healthcare field but especially public health. I hope to go to medical school and I know my experience with HPM will shape the way I interact with patients and the health system because of my understanding of the complexities within it and the effect of social factors.

Annabel Bloom (she/her)

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Public health interests: health policy, public health and medicine, maternal health and health disparities, value-based care

My name is Annabel Bloom and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. I am passionate about the intersection of public health and medicine. I believe it is important for all future medical providers to have a foundational understanding of public health to best serve their patients. My favorite part of HPM is being surrounded by people with shared interests that inspire me to work hard and grow as a student. Ultimately, my career goal is to become a physician, though I hope to incorporate health policy work into my daily life.

Anusha Dubey (she/her)

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Public health interests: health equity, primary care, quality of care

Hi! My name is Anusha. I was born in Jackson, MS and lived in Charlotte until coming to UNC. I am interested in applying to medical school and hope to become a doctor. I also hope to integrate public health into my career and help improve our primary care system. My favorite part of HPM is how much support you have, from faculty mentors who will go out of their way to help you to peers who challenge you and cheer you on.

Anya Cocowitch (she/her)

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Public health interests: maternal health, sexual and reproductive health, health policy, rural health, immigrant and refugee health, health disparities

My favorite part of HPM is the community it provides me, one in which I feel supported, challenged, and understood. I hope to pursue a career at the community level that works towards improving maternal health outcomes and reducing health disparities that exist across demographics.

David Klein (he/him)

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Public health interests: clinical operations, quality control, hospital administration, consulting, health policy

HPM has given me the opportunity to connect with a cohort of students made up of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Our group of 40+ has grown close with each other and I am happy to say that I have made great friends over the trying pandemic year. My favorite HPM classes have been with Dr. Studer. Our year-long project covered postoperative clotting, and proposed solutions to this quality safety issue. I was fascinated by the magnitude of this issue and am even more interested in working in the clinical arena to improve population health on a daily basis.

Emma Miner (she/her)

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Public health interests: global health, health disparities, sexual & reproductive health and rights, maternal and child health

Joining the BSPH in HPM program was the best decision that I have ever made! I have loved working alongside and learning from diverse, compassionate, and intellectually curious professors and classmates who are dedicated to researching and resolving the most pressing healthcare problems. I am deeply passionate about relieving global health disparities and believe that the greatest change will come from targeting the upstream causes of inequity. I look forward to a career in global sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Jada Gailliard (she/her)

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Public health interests: health equity, social determinants of health, healthcare disparities, healthcare finance, healthcare consulting, health management

Hi everyone! My name is Jada Gailliard and I'm so excited to be an HPM Ambassador this year. There are so many awesome things about HPM, but my favorite part is the community. I constantly feel supported by my professors and my peers, and that is something you can't find just anywhere. In addition to HPM, I am minoring in Medical Anthropology because I want to gain understanding in the social, political, and cultural aspects of health. After graduation, I plan to work full-time as a Healthcare Consultant, with the ultimate goal of pursuing a career in Healthcare Administration.

Julia Walia (she/her)

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Public health interests: health disparities, quality of care, non-profit care centers

I am a rising senior in the HPM department who is passionate about advancing the healthcare management space to help vulnerable populations. I hope to do so by becoming a healthcare administrator for a non-profit clinic one day. My hobbies include gardening, photography, painting, and dancing! My favorite part about HPM is the dedication shown from each student to better our community's health. I am constantly impressed and inspired by my peers in HPM.

Kate Leo (she/her)

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Public health interests: quality of care, quality improvement projects, health disparities

My favorite part of HPM has been the group projects. Attending HPM sessions my sophomore year, I kept hearing about "productive teamwork." My HPM 350 and 352 group showed me what productive teamwork meant. It was awesome working with people who wanted to be leaders and put 100% of their effort into everything they did. In terms of my career goals, I would like to combine business and health. This summer, I have been a general management corporate intern with CVS Health. However, to keep exploring my options, I am also pursuing healthcare consulting because it also allows you to see different types of settings and projects.

Katie Ruth (she/her)

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Public health interests: quality of care, community health, health disparities, health education

While I value many components of the HPM program, I most appreciate the opportunity to learn how to efficiently problem-solve real public health issues. HPM has allowed me to participate in many meaningful lectures and projects regarding access to and quality of care - concepts that have affected me personally as I grew up in rural Kentucky! I am confident that what I have learned about the health care system will aide me as a primary care physician assistant after graduation!

Kelly He (she/her)

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Public health interests: patient access, health disparities, quality of care, immigrant health

My favorite part about HPM is being able to be a part of the cohort. I have gained so many valuable experiences and skills working in teams and building projects together. The HPM program and faculty have also taught me so many real-world skills that I have actively used during my summer internship. After college, I hope to work in healthcare consulting for 2-3 years and then transition into start-up/entrepreneurial work later in my career.

Laura Buddenbaum (she/her)

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Public health interests: health policy, health disparities, social determinants of health, health advocacy

My favorite part about HPM is how the courses and program objectives are focused and related to different aspects of the U.S. healthcare system. It feels like almost everything that you will learn is relevant and necessary. I also love that HPM opens so many doors for students to pursue different career routes. The HPM program has been instrumental in the process of deciding what career field is right for me. My interests include health policy, health advocacy, and an overall fascination in how the healthcare system is another field in the US in which inequities and disparities are perpetuated.

Lydia Ocbu (she/her)

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Public health interests: health disparities, social determinants of health, quality of care, global health

Hi! I am a senior from Raleigh, NC. I really enjoy the collaborative nature of the program. We are able to learn about complex healthcare problems and come together to discuss solutions. Everyone in the program has different experiences, so we are all able to learn a lot from one another. After undergrad, I plan on furthering my education by attending PA school.

Marissa Leff (she/her)

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Public health interests: outcomes research, quality of care/quality improvement in hospital settings

I'm a senior in the HPM program with eventual plans to go to medical school. I was born and raised outside of Philadelphia and decided to go south for college. I was initially a biochemistry major before deciding I was more interested in learning about public health. A friend introduced me to the HPM program and convinced me to apply. The HPM program has been an absolutely wonderful experience. As a future physician, the public health training and background knowledge in policy, insurance, and the business aspects of healthcare is unique and important. With the help of the HPM faculty I was able to secure multiple internships/research experiences. I've been working at a COVID-19 hotline for close to 9 months, where I am constantly applying the information we learn in class. The classes are all interesting and the internship experiences are great, however it is the cohort aspect of HPM and the faculty that I've enjoyed most during my time as a HPM student.

Max Nunez (he/him)

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Public health interests: quality of care, health technology, healthcare access, holistic and inclusive care

There are many aspects of HPM that make me so proud to be a part of this major, but the greatest is by far the cohort and small size of the program. Because of this, I am able to better collaborate with my classmates, tailor how I approach problems with them, and overall, build and maintain quality relationships. I truly think there is nothing like this at UNC, and it leads to the amazing success of alumni. My career goals have to do with health technology. I truly believe that finding holistic digital solutions to health can lead to a better society. My dream is to work with teams to develop health products that make people feel heard and safe in our healthcare system.

Nisha Ramamurthy (she/her)

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Public health interests: racial health disparities, maternal and fetal medicine, quality of care, health policy, access to health insurance

I am from the D.C. area and am pre-med, currently going through the medical school application process. This past year in HPM, I especially loved the collaborative work environment that is guided with ample support from Melanie and other professors while also learning to be independent health policy researchers and sharing ideas with our peers. I hope to practice obstetrics and gynecology in the future with a focus on maternal and fetal medicine for high-risk pregnancies and am also interested in work in racial health disparities in the same field.

Rebeca Rodriguez (she/her)

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Public health interests: health disparities, quality of care and social determinants of health

I am a Latinx, first generation college student and grew up in High Point, North Carolina. Growing up, my family and I were uninsured and experienced health and health care disparities that would eventually spark my interest in Health Policy and Management. I hope to pursue an MHA after undergrad and be able to hold an administrative role in my future career. My favorite part of HPM is the inclusive environment both from professors/staff and peers. I appreciate the team-based projects that are implemented in our core courses.