BSPH Information Sessions and Open House
Interested in our BSPH Program? Come to one of our upcoming HPM-specific BSPH Information Sessions! Register for a session here.

How can I learn about the BSPH Program in Health Policy and Management?

  • Carefully study all the links on this website.
  • Meet with one or more current HPM BSPH students who are BSPH Program Ambassadors. They are happy to meet up to tell you about our program!
  • If after reviewing this information you have specific questions about our program, please contact our registrar Lynnette Jones or assistant registrar Jackie Siler about specific technical information about applying, coursework, or pre-requisites; or the program Director Melanie StuderIf you have any questions or encounter any problems with the online BSPH application, please contact:

Our Mission

The mission of the BSPH program in Health Policy and Management is to improve the health of individuals and communities and reduce health inequities in the U.S. and abroad by educating future health leaders, managers, policymakers, practitioners and researchers. Our graduates will excel in a broad range of positions and graduate and professional degree programs.

Our Vision and Values are the same as those of the Department of Health Policy and Management:


High quality, accessible, and affordable health systems that achieve optimal population health in North Carolina, the United States, and around the world.

What are the strengths of our program?

What are our students interested in?

The following questions reflect just a few of the diverse interest areas our students explore while in the program:

  • Health disparities: What can we do to address the causes of health disparities both in the U.S. and internationally?
  • Health reform: In what ways will health reform change the future of U.S. health care?
  • Access to care: What can be done to improve access to health care for underserved populations?
  • Health care quality and costs: How can we improve quality of care while also managing rising health care expenditures?
  • Health promotion & disease prevention: What can we do to address preventable illnesses caused by tobacco use, obesity, and physical inactivity?
  • Global Health: How do other countries deliver health care and what can the U.S. learn from their successes and failures?

Additional Information:


  • HPM BSPH Students Connie Longmate, Nick McKenzie, and Joyce Yao led an important summit recently at the Gillings School. Many Gillings students are interested in the intersections of poverty and health status and implications for improving health care and public health.