Department of Health Policy and Management

BSPH Admissions

Application Deadline

Application deadlines for all programs can be found here. Applications typically become available September 1st and are due the second Tuesday in January.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems with the online BSPH application, please contact:

Admission Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated on:Strong applicants have:
♦ Academic performance (overall GPA & performance in pre-requisite courses)♦ Excellent academic performance, especially in the pre-requisite courses
♦ Personal statement♦ Strong written and oral communication skills
♦ Letters of recommendation (at least one of your letters should be from someone qualified to evaluate your academic qualifications)♦ Demonstrated interest in health policy, health management, or public health (through campus involvement, volunteer or work experiences, etc.)
♦ Resume (including work and volunteer experience)♦ Clear understanding of the HPM major and rationale for how their goals relate
♦ Interview performance♦ Strong references
♦ Professionalism and maturity
♦ Desire and ability to work well on teams

Pre-requisite Coursework

General Requirements:
BIOL 101 & 101L – Principles of General Biology and Lab
ECON 101 – Introduction to Economics
One of the following statistics courses:
STOR 120 – Foundations of Statistics and Data Science
STOR 155 – Introduction to Statistics l
One of the following financial or managerial accounting courses:
BUSI 102 – Management Accounting
BUSI 106 – Financial Accounting, Continuing Studies
BUSI 107 – Management Accounting, Summer School
BUSI 108 – Management Accounting, Continuing Studies
One of the following pre-calculus or calculus math courses:
MATH 130 – Precalculus
MATH 152 – Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
MATH 231 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable I
MATH 232 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable II
MATH 232 – Calculus of Functions of Several Variables
STOR 112 – Decision Models for Business
STOR 113 – Decision Models for Economics