Department of Epidemiology

ERIC Notebook

ERIC Notebook was published as an e-periodical from 1999-2008 by the Epidemiologic Research and Information Center (ERIC) at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Durham, NC, in collaboration with the Department of Epidemiology at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. Its aim was to provide education in epidemiological methods as well as content areas of special significance to Veterans Administration clinicians, researchers, and administrators as needs apply. Issues were updated and re-published in 2014-15.

ERIC Issues

Incident vs. Prevalent Cases and Measures of Occurrence (Second Edition No. 1)

Common Statistical Tests and Applications in Epidemiological Literature (Second Edition No. 2)

Common Measures and Statistics in Epidemiological Literature (Second Edition No. 3)

Calculating Person Time (Second Edition No. 4)

Case Control Studies (Second Edition No. 5)

Cohort Studies (Second Edition No. 6)

Risk and Rate Measures in Cohort Studies (Second Edition No. 7)

Cross Sectional Studies (Second Edition No. 8)

Ecologic Studies (Second Edition No. 9)

Randomized Controlled Trials (Second Edition No.10)

Confounding Bias Part I (Second Edition No.11)

Confounding Bias Part II (Second Edition No.12)

Selection Bias (Second Edition No. 13)

Information Bias and Misclassification (Second Edition No.14)

Causality (Second Edition No.15)

Assessment of Diagnostic and Screening Tests (Second Edition No.16)