Wellness Resources for All

Heels Care Network

The Heels Care Network is a gateway for mental health and wellness resources for everyone on campus: to find a support group, learn strategies for mental health, connect with training and advocacy organizations, or find wellness events on campus. The Heels Care Network also includes support resources for community members who are not doing well and are seeking immediate help.

Carolina Collaborative for Resilience

The Carolina Collaborative for Resilience (CCR) provides caring and compassionate support by pairing students with Resilience Coaches. We aim to provide the individualized support that each student needs to thrive at every level of our campus. We are a team of diverse faculty and staff who have received specialized training to help students cope with challenges related to identity, race, belonging, and resilience.

Peer Support Core

UNC's Peer Support Core's mission is to promote high quality, diverse, broadly available peer support for students, staff, and faculty that provides a social base for individual, group, and institutional coping with challenges related to coping with COVID-19 and UNC-CH’s reckoning with and response to racism and inequity.

Home Environments for Wellness Book Club and Peer Support Pod

Our home environment plays an important role in our overall well-being. The Gillings Home Environments for Wellness Book Club and Peer Support Pod is a space to support each other as we reassess the state of our home environments and create more inspired spaces that support our mental health and wellness. We meet based on participant availability. Contact cultureofhealth@unc.edu with your interest and availability.

Discover MHA Self-Help

MHA has screening tools to help identify signs of: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Alcohol or Substance Use Problems, Psychosis, and Eating Disorders

Student Wellness and One-on-One Coaching

If you have a goal you are working towards or any lifestyle change that you are interested in developing (managing stress, being more active, eating healthier, finding more overall balance in life- just to name a few), coaching can be a catalyst for implementing that change you seek! You are the expert in your own life and know where you want to go, but maybe you are feeling ‘stuck’ or aren’t sure how to get there… that is where a coach can help!

Privacy Spaces

Quiet Space: Room 016 on the ground floor of Rosenau Hall is intended to be a multipurpose space for meditation, yoga, prayer, reading, power naps, or just a place to find relief from normal daily stress. Reserve in Outlook on the digital sign outside the room.

Breastfeeding: Room 227A Rosenau Hall is designated for breastfeeding mothers and can be found online at sph.unc.edu/mothers-room-request.

Culture of Health
Gillings School of Global Public Health