If you realize that you have too much on your plate and you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to say you’re not okay and reach out for help.

For immediate help, students can call the UNC Counseling and Psychological Services 24/7 helpline at 919-966-3658. Faculty and staff can call the Employee Assistance helpline at 877-314-5841. For additional wellness and mental health resources, please see the links at the bottom of our page.

Wellness Resources for All

Privacy Spaces

Quiet Space: Room 016 on the ground floor of Rosenau Hall is intended to be a multipurpose space for meditation, yoga, prayer, reading, power naps, or just a place to find relief from normal daily stress. Reserve in Outlook on the digital sign outside the room.

Breastfeeding: Room 227A Rosenau Hall is designated for breastfeeding mothers and can be found online at sph.unc.edu/mothers-room-request.