PHLP: Certificate in Core Public Health Concepts (PHCP Online) Application Details

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PHLP: Certificate in Core Public Health Concepts (PHCP Online)

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1. Complete online application

Application Deadline: November 17, 2017    |    Fee: $45    |    Step Link
  1. 3-1-0-0 118801 (prim) IMPORTANT NOTE(S):

    3-1-0-0 118801 (sec) See program details in GPS for requirements such as prequisites, prior degree, work experience, any test score waivers, as well as a tuition estimate and program overview.

  2. 3-6-0-0 118826 (prim) Applicant information,  including North Carolina residency information.
  3. 3-8-0-0 118843 (prim) Educational history

    3-8-1-0 118844 (prim) Please upload a copy of your most recent transcript(s), including your current term grades, if applicable. (If grades are not yet available, send them to the UNC Gillings program contact as soon as they become available.) Be sure the transcript reflects the name of the institution and any degrees you received.

  4. 3-12-0-0 118858 (prim) Community standards

    3-12-0-0 118858 (sec) You will be asked about honor code, crime, academic sanction, military discharge, etc.

  5. (prim)

    3-13-1-0 118860 (prim) International students

    1. 3-13-1-1 118861 (sec) UNC does not accept a WES transcript as an acceptable substitute for an official transcript.
    2. 3-13-1-2 118862 (sec)

      TOEFL or IELTS score (no more than 2 years old). The TOEFL institutional code for UNC is 5816.

  6. 3-14-0-0 118872 (prim) Upload your personal statement.

    3-14-15-0 118890 (prim) Upload a document that answers the following questions (no more than 2 pages).

    1. 3-14-17-81 118973 (sec) State your purpose in applying for this program.
    2. 3-14-17-82 118974 (sec) Explain how the certificate will be of value to you.
    3. 3-14-17-83 118975 (sec) Describe any experience you have had with distance education.
    4. 3-14-17-84 118976 (sec) Ten-twelve hours of student work per course, per week are required for successful course completion. Describe how you will schedule that time.
    5. 3-14-17-85 118977 (sec) If you will be working full-time, explain what mechanisms you have or can put in place to ensure that you will be able to handle the demands of both work and school. Specifically, detail the support your supervisor has offered and whether release from work/school is available.
    6. 3-14-17-86 118978 (sec) Describe what contributions you could make to this certificate program.
    7. 3-14-17-87 118979 (sec) Please list all college level math courses you have taken--(honors courses taken in high school can be included).

  7. 3-15-0-0 118985 (prim) Upload your resume or CV.
  8. 3-18 119000 (prim) Enter names of recommenders. UNC will then send them an email with instructions for submitting a letter on your behalf. We encourage references from professors or teachers (or teaching assistants) or work/research supervisors who have worked directly and closely with you and who can speak about you with specificity.

    1. 3-18-2-9 119010 (sec) Not required

  9. 3-23-0-0 119031 (prim) Document submission (check legibility of uploads)
  10. 3-24 119033 (prim) Pay the Graduate School application fee.
  11. 3-25-0-0 119034 (prim) Track your progress.

    3-25-2 119036 (prim) You will be able to track status through the Graduate School application. Once a decision is made, you will receive an email instructing login to the Graduate School application portal to see the decision letter.

2. FYI: application review process

  1. 7-1-0-0 119085 (prim) SPH application review:

    7-1-1-0 119086 (prim) Interview

    1. 7-1-1-1 119087 (sec) No interview required.

    7-1-6-0 119118 (prim) You will be notified via email regarding program decision.

The Gillings Program Search is a tool for exploring academic programs at the School. It is a prospectus for the current year to be used in consultation with an academic adviser and does not constitute the complete degree or program requirements for graduation or program completion.

Program Contact:

Michele Fulton
Student Services Specialist
4113 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Campus Box 7469
Chapel Hill, NC