End User Support

Requesting IT Help

helpTo get help resolving a problem with AV equipment in an SPH classroom or central conference room, please call 966-6536, visit Rosenau room 233, or email sph_av@unc.edu.
To create an IT help request for any other type of support, please log in to the Online Help System with your Onyen and complete the help form.  You may also call the main campus IT Response Center at 962-HELP (962-4357).  Either method will create a help ticket in the campus Remedy system.
Common help requests include:
  • Problems with your desktop or laptop computer
  • Access to a file share, such as a shared folder on the H: drive
  • Problems printing to a networked printer
  • Password and account issues
  • Issues with the School web site

For assistance with any of our services, as well as any other IT issues, please submit a help request or visit our Contact Us page.  We assist in routing requests for help to other campus IT groups where appropriate.