Dual Master's Degree Program


Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dual Master’s Degree Program
between the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
and the Department of City and Regional Planning
Fall 2010


We are partnering with the Department of City and Regional Planning (CRP) to offer students the opportunity to earn both the MCRP and one of the four master’s degrees offered in ESE (MS, MSEE, MSPH, or MPH). It should be possible to obtain both degrees in three years.To enter this program, students must apply separately to both the CRP Department and the ESE Department and must be accepted independently by both. Students entering the program spend their entire first year in either CRP or ESE. The second year is spent full-time in the other program. In the third year, students could take courses in both departments. Students can apply to both departments simultaneously or sequentially. For simultaneous applications, if the student is admitted to both departments he or she should request deferral of admission to one of the departments to the following year. For sequential applications, we recommend that the student apply to the second department during their first year in the initial department. Please note that financial support in one department does not guarantee financial support in the other department.

It is important for students wishing to enter this program to identify a faculty advisor in each department as early as possible. A single master’s project may fulfill both the master’s project requirement in CRP and the master’s technical report (MSEE, MSPH or MPH) or thesis (MS) requirement in ESE, subject to approval by the student’s advisors and by each department.

 Click Here for a table that summarizes the degree requirements for students in the dual degree program.