HB, JOMC, SPH: Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health Communication (CIHC Residential) Application Details

UNC Gillings Application Details
HB, JOMC, SPH: Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health Communication (CIHC Residential)

Our health behavior department combines health education with the social and behavioral sciences to deliver practical research and solutions that improve the health of individuals and communities. Our faculty members include experts from behavioral science, communications, health education, international health, medicine, medical sociology and social psychology.

We weigh multiple factors in admissions decisions. If you have questions about your qualifications for the program, please contact us.

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1. Complete online ApplyYourself application

Fee: $85    |    Step Link
  1. 3-18-0-0 119000 (prim) Enter names of recommenders. UNC will then send them an email with instructions for submitting a letter on your behalf.

    1. 3-18-2-9 119010 (sec) Not required

2. Complete an application form

  1. 4-1-0-0 119039 (prim) Get your advisor's approval prior to application.
  2. 4-5-0-0 119046 (prim)

    Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health Communication form

    4-5-1-0 119047 (sec) Obtain a signature from your Degree Program Advisor. This is your academic advisor in your home department.

    1. 4-5-1-1 119048 (sec) Send the form in campus mail to your assigned IHC Certificate Advisor.
    2. 4-5-1-2 119049 (sec) Your IHC Certificate Advisor will obtain the signature from the appropriate Director of Graduate Studies and file the form.

  3. 4-11-0-0 119055 (prim) Have your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation topic approved by the IHC Certificate Committee.
  4. 4-12-0-0 119056 (prim) Complete the fulfillment form (available in IHC Certificate fulfillment form_10-30-12 format).

3. FYI: application review process

  1. 7-1-0-0 119085 (prim) SPH application review:

    7-1-1-0 119086 (prim) Interview

    1. 7-1-1-1 119087 (sec) No interview required.

    7-1-6-0 119118 (prim) You will be notified via email regarding program decision.

4. This program admits students in both Fall and Spring.

8-0-0-0 119127 (sec) (See this program's details page for more information regarding the application cycle and upcoming due dates.)