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This health behavior MPH Capstone team developed a virtual, scalable version of AMP!, a theater-based sexual health education and HIV prevention program that could be implemented in North Carolina school districts.


Our Students

Students begin our degree programs with many different backgrounds, and this variety enriches the program by bringing interdisciplinary perspectives into the classroom, the Capstone team experience and the research of our students.
These are some of  the experiences of students who enrolled in recent years:
  • public health service and programs
  • advocacy and service experience in community, nonprofit and commercial settings
  • clinical and nonclinical experience in health-care settings
  • research in public health or social sciences
  • global service, e.g., Peace Corps
  • years-of-service programs, e.g., AmeriCorps and Teach For America

Some entering students hold degrees in social or behavioral sciences or health-related disciplines. Others have an educational background in liberal arts and some graduated from professional schools.

Steps to Apply

 1. Apply through SOPHAS. The SOPHAS application must be completed before it is possible to complete the second step. Note that the SOPHAS system lists UNC’s degrees in health behavior as “Behavioral and Social Science” in some instances. When SOPHAS uses this expression, it is referring to degrees in the Department of Health Behavior.

2. Apply through the UNC Graduate School. The individualized link created by the SOPHAS application must be in place in order to start the UNC Graduate School’s application. 

Gillings Program Search

Check out our Gillings Program Search (GPS) for prospective students. The GPS provides a search option for our School’s degree and non-degree programs, as well as the ability to drill down to an overview of each program’s quick facts and related information about how to apply.

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