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Dr. Suzanne Maman and Lusajo Kajula seen here are implementing a microfinance and health leadership intervention with social networks of young men in Tanzania. The project focuses on HIV and gender-based violence prevention.

Our faculty and students are active researchers in North Carolina, the U.S. and globally with many studies focusing upon these issues:

-Community health
-Violence prevention
-Policy change
-HIV/AIDS prevention and control
-Health disparities reduction
-Health communication/
-Obesity and diabetes
-Tobacco control
-Workplace health promotion

Faculty members, postdoctoral researchers and students conduct research to answer the questions that help us understand what we can do to reduce health risks, to promote healthy lives, and to increase the number of individuals who are able to benefit from known and emerging medical science. Great disparities in health exist everywhere. We aim to change that by asking good questions.

The department’s network of collaborators expands the possibilities for faculty and student researchers. Collaboration begins with experts across the Gillings School, the university and UNC Hospitals. It includes state and local institutes that include health within their missions as well as national and global collaborators.

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Research areas

Faculty members

Adolescent health Noel Brewer, Susan Ennett, Leslie Lytle, Luz Reyes and Deborah Tate
Substance abuse, including alcohol Marcella Boynton, Susan Ennett, Nisha Gottfredson and Luz Reyes
Cancer prevention and control Noel Brewer, Jo Anne Earp, Geni Eng, Susan Ennett, Ed Fisher, Shelley Golden, Alexandra Lightfoot, Laura Linnan, Kurt Ribisl, Barbara Rimer and Deborah Tate
Chronic disease coping and management Ed Fisher, Carol Golin, Alexandra Lightfoot and Laura Linnan
Cancer management Alexandra Lightfoot
Diabetes management Ed Fisher
Social networks and peer support Clare Barrington, Geni Eng, Susan Ennett, Ed Fisher, Laura Linnan and Suzanne Maman
Community-based participatory research Lynn Blanchard, Carolyn Crump, Geni Eng, Meg Landfried, Alexandra Lightfoot, Laura Linnan, and Beth Moracco
Eating disorders Nisha Gottfredson
Environmental health Carolyn Crump
Falsified and substandard medicines Jim Herrington
Global health Clare Barrington, Geni Eng, Ed Fisher,
Vivian Go, Carol Golin, Jim Herrington, Suzanne Maman,  Beth Moracco, Kate MuessigLuz Reyes, and Jason Smith
Health communication Noel Brewer, Jo Anne Earp, Carol Golin, Laura Linnan, Leslie Lytle, Kurt Ribisl and Deborah Tate
Injury and violence prevention and control Carolyn Crump, Susan Ennett, Laura Linnan, Suzanne Maman, Beth Moracco and Luz Reyes
mHealth Deborah Tate
Medical decision-making Noel Brewer, Carol Golin and Barbara Rimer
Mental health Geni Eng, Nisha Gottfredson and Kate Muessig


Men’s health Noel Brewer, Vivian Go, Laura Linnan and Kate Muessig
Minority health and eliminating disparities Clare Barrington, Carolyn Crump, Jo Anne Earp, Geni Eng, Alexandra Lightfoot and Laura Linnan
Obesity, diet, and physical activity Carolyn Crump, Ed Fisher, Laura Linnan, Leslie Lytle, and Deborah Tate
Patient advocacy and medical errors Jo Anne Earp
Policy Carolyn Crump, Shelley Golden and Kurt Ribisl
Sexual health, STIs, and HIV/AIDS Clare Barrington, Noel Brewer, Jo Anne Earp, Geni Eng, Susan Ennett, Vivian Go, Carol Golin, Suzanne Maman, Kate Muessig and Jason Smith
Statistical methods Marcella Boynton, Nisha Gottfredson and Luz Reyes
Tobacco use prevention and control Marcella Boynton, Noel Brewer, Susan Ennett, Shelley Golden, Laura Linnan and Kurt Ribisl
Vector-borne infectious diseases  Jim Herrington
Women’s health Jo Anne Earp, Geni Eng, Laura Linnan, Suzanne Maman, Beth Moracco and Jason Smith
Worksite health and safety Laura Linnan


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