Department of Health Behavior Faculty Members pose for a photo outside of Rosenau Hall.

Department of Health Behavior Faculty Members

The Department of Health Behavior has more than 30 faculty members and 60 adjunct faculty members who guide students, colleagues and communities from across the globe in scholarship, research and service. They are renowned as local and global leaders in various fields within public health.


Clare Barrington, PhDAssociate Professor and Doctoral Program
Lynn White Blanchard, PhDAssociate
Noel Brewer,
Liz Chen, PhD, MPHAssistant Professor and MPH Concentration Lead, Health
Melissa Cox, PhDAssistant
Carolyn Crump, PhDAssociate
Geni Eng,
Edwin B. Fisher,
Melissa Gilkey, PhDAssociate
Vivian Go,
Shelley Golden, PhDAssociate Professor and Vice Chair for Academic
Carol Golin,
Nisha C. Gottfredson, PhDAssociate
Marissa G. Hall, PhDAssistant
Abigail M. Hatcher, PhDAssistant
Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD,
Lauren M. Hill, PhDAssistant
Meg Landfried, MPHAssistant Professor and MPH Practicum
Alexandra Lightfoot, EdDAssociate
Laura Linnan, ScDSenior Associate Dean for Academic and Student
Suzanne Maman, PhDAssociate Dean for Global Health and
Derrick Matthews, PhDAssistant
H. Luz McNaughton Reyes, PhDAssociate
Sarah D. Mills, PhD, MPHAssistant
Beth Moracco, PhDAssociate
Kate Muessig, PhDAssociate
Patsy Polston, PhDAssistant
Kurt M. Ribisl, PhDJo Anne Earp Distinguished Professor and
Barbara K. Rimer, DrPH, MPHAlumni Distinguished Professor and
Nora Rosenberg, PhDAssistant
Deborah Tate,
Tran Viet Ha, MD, MScAssistant
Deshira D. Wallace, PhD, MSPHAssistant

Adjunct Faculty

Mary Altpeter, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Stephanie L. BakerAdjunct Assistant Professor
Becca BenderAdjunct Assistant
Amrita Bhowmick, MPH, MBAAdjunct Assistant
Johanna Birckmayer, PhDAdjunct Associate
Marcella H. Boynton, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Felicia BrowneAdjunct Assistant
M. Justin Byron, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Molly Cannon, MPHAdjunct
Delesha M. Carpenter, PhDAdjunct Associate
Ewan K. Cobran, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Donaldson ConserveAdjunct Assistant Professor
Stacey CutbushAdjunct Assistant Professor
Denise Dickinson, MPHAdjunct
Kristie Foley, PhDAdjunct Associate
Vangie Foshee, PhDAdjunct
Robert Foss, PhDAdjunct
Elizabeth French, MAAdjunct
Susan Gaylord, PhDAdjunct Associate
Jennifer Gierisch, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Lisa Gilbert, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Bernard Glassman, MAAdjunct
Moses Goldmon, EdDAdjunct Assistant
Adam Goldstein, MD, MPHAdjunct
Susan Haws, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Sally Herndon, MPHAdjunct
Jim Herrington, PhDAdjunct
Vichitra JagannathanAdjunct Assistant Professor
Linda Kinsinger, MDAdjunct Assistant
Shawn KneippAdjunct Associate Professor
Kathryn Lancaster, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Maija LeffAdjunct Instructor
Megan Lewis, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Leslie A. Lytle, PhDAdjunct
Kathleen MacQueen, PhDAdjunct Assistant
David McCoy, JDAdjunct Assistant Professor
Meg Molloy, DrPHAdjunct Assistant
Ingrid H. Morris, MPHAdjunct
Allison Myers, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Allison Pack, PhDAdjunct
Robert Pleasants, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Kathryn I. Pollak, PhDAdjunct Associate
Tonia Poteat, PhDAdjunct Associate
Wizdom Powell, PhDAdjunct Associate
Scott Rhodes, PhDAdjunct Associate
Christopher L. Ringwalt, DrPHAdjunct
LaHoma Smith Romocki, PhDAdjunct Associate
Cherie Rosemond, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Carol Runyan, PhDAdjunct
English Sall, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Michael D. Schulman, PhDAdjunct
Abigail ShapiroAdjunct Assistant Professor
Paschal Sheeran, PhDAdjunct
Arjumand Siddiqi, ScDAdjunct Assistant
Celette Sugg Skinner, PhDAdjunct Associate
Jason Smith, PhDAdjunct Associate
Paige Hall Smith, PhDAdjunct Associate
Sandra Soto, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Brian Southwell, PhDAdjunct Associate
Karen Strazza, MPHAdjunct
Deborah Stroman, PhD, CLUAdjunct
Katherine Turner, MPHAdjunct
Gina Upchurch, MPHAdjunct
Naya Villarreal, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Amy Vincus, MPHAdjunct;
Maihan Vu, DrPHAdjunct Assistant
Anna Waller, ScDAdjunct Associate
Michael Wilson, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Godfrey Woelk, PhDAdjunct Associate
Michael Yonas, DrPHAdjunct Assistant;

Emeritus Faculty

Karl BaumanProfessor Emeritus
J. Michael BowlingProfessor
Robert DeVellis, PhDProfessor
Brenda DeVellisProfessor Emeritus
Jo Anne Earp, ScDProfessor
Susan Ennett, PhDProfessor
John W. Hatch, DrPHProfessor Emeritus
Ethel J. JacksonProfessor Emeritus
Elizabeth MutranProfessor Emeritus
Carol Runyan, PhDProfessor
Allan StecklerProfessor Emeritus

Administrative Staff

Dale CrawleyAccounting
Amorelle CrossleyGrants
Rachel Evans, MMAdmin Support
Darlene LawsAssistant to Department
Latasha Mingo, MBAAssistant Department Chair for
Jennifer Jené MooreGrants
Mallory Richardson, MSWAcademic Program Support

Research Staff

James Emery, MPHResearch
Robert J. Letourneau, MPHResearch
Samantha Luu, MPHAssociate Director, UNC-CH Peer Support Core, Department of Health
Tonya StancilProject Manager - IFE4HER
Yao (Patrick) Tang, MPHProgram Manager, Peers for

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Jacquelyne GaddyPostdoctoral Research
Brigid GrabertPostdoctoral Research
Qian HuangPostdoctoral Research
Patrece JosephPostdoctoral Research Associate
Ebi KalanPostdoctoral Research Associate
Haijing Ma, PhDPostdoctoral Research
Jacob SteinPostdoctoral Research