Health Behavior Alumni

Alumni events in fall 2017 included a picnic on a beautiful fall day, presentation of a prestigious UNC award and a social at APHA in Atlanta.

Networking Works

Networking with health behavior alumni can be valuable throughout a lifetime. Students and new graduates will find most health behavior alumni are happy, even flattered, to hear from you and help you plan a job search. Our 2000+ alumni have experience with thousands of employers. Through the career cycle, alumni will continue to open important doors for you or help you make connections.

Use the network to find old friends or make new connections in a new city. Alumni who are thinking about retirement may benefit from sharing stories and experiences.

When health behavior alumni request help finding email addresses for other alumni, the Department of Health behavior can help. We do not supply the list of all our alumni email addresses.

These are the best ways to find other alumni.

Check the updates alumni have supplied to the department.

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Find alumni on LinkedIn.

Click the image and use the search box (e.g. search by “health behavior” and “Denver”. The results will vary based on your contacts.

Find local alumni on their Facebook page.

Use Other Departmental and School Resources

Gillings School Alumni Association

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