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Health Behavior Capstone

This student team poses with Dr. Carol Golin (front row left). The team worked on an HIV-prevention intervention for women in public housing projects in Durham, N.C.

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Community Partners
Community partners are essential to our students, and the students help partners get important work done. Find out about becoming a partner. Visit our Community Partners page.

Community-engaged scholarship: It’s what we do. It’s who we are. The MPH capstone is a year-long service-learning course that gives our students an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the first year of the program by working in teams partnered with community-based organizations to address real-world public health problems. The capstone benefits both the community partners and health behavior students.

The Capstone Team Learning Experience

  • Improves or develops public health programs, services, and resources
  • Builds students’ and organizations’ capacity to address public health problems
  • Strengthens partnerships between the university and community groups
  • Positions  students to be competitive in the job market

We focus equally on the service and the learning aspects of the experience. Class sessions are an opportunity for students to prepare for, reflect on, share, and receive feedback about their capstone experiences.

Open the MPH Capstone Syllabus (2017-2018) .

Questions? Contact Meg Landfried.