Pilot Projects Program

The Pilot Projects Program (PPP) stimulates innovative and collaborative research at the UNC-CEHS by providing short-term funding to collect preliminary data or demonstrate the feasibility of a particular hypothesis. Ultimately, the Program will strengthen grant proposals to further the research.

Dr. Ilona Jaspers demonstrating her research

Dr. Ilona Jaspers demonstrating how inhaled pollutants impact respiratory immune responses

The PPP is aimed at providing opportunities for the following types of investigators:

  • young investigators who are starting to develop a research program in an area of environmental health research of relevance to the CEHS
  • established investigators who are interested in pursuing an innovative line of CEHS-related collaborative research
  • established investigators in other research areas, who have an interest in applying their expertise to a CEHS-related area
  • investigators that use CEHS Facility Cores and Collaboration with Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC)

The Pilot Projects Program issues a request for applications for two types of awards annually—Standard Pilot Projects and Interdisciplinary Pilot Projects. CEHS members and non-members with member-collaborators are eligible to apply for both award types, but Interdisciplinary Pilot Projects must include multidisciplinary teams of experienced investigators collectively addressing an innovative area of environmental health research. 

The center is particularly interested in funding research that addresses the CEHS theme, “translating interdisciplinary research on environmental health threats to improve public health in North Carolina”. The CEHS has three Translational Research Focus areas: Environmental Cancer, Cardiopulmonary Disease, and Developmental Disease.

Previously Awarded Pilot Projects

By Research Topic: