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Steve Marshall, PhD

Department of Epidemiology
Injury Prevention Research Center
Suite 500, Bank of America Building
CB #7505
Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Dr. Steve Marshall is the director of UNC's Injury Prevention Research Center and an epidemiologist whose main area of research is injury prevention. The topic of injury and violence prevention is greatly understudied relative to the toll that it exacts on society.

Recently, Dr. Marshall increasingly has focused his research on opioid overdose. America's opioid crisis is attacking many of the fundamental social structures of our nation. The roots of this crisis reflect our nation's approach to pain, medication and social justice.

Dr. Marshall also has a long-standing interest in sports medicine. He holds an adjunct appointment in the UNC Department of Exercise and Sport Science and works closely with colleagues in that department. He also has a strong interest in biostatistics and epidemiologic methods.

Injury and violence are highly preventable sources of death. By partnering with the public health practice community, we can do much to address human suffering from injury and violence.

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Representative Courses

EPID 690: Intervention Epidemiology | Syllabus

EPID 718: Analytic Methods In Observational Epidemiology | Syllabus

EPID 625: Injury and Violence as a Public Health Problem | Syllabus

Research Interests:

Injury, Violence and Safety, Public Health Studies (Design, Conduct and Analysis)

Practice Activities

The Injury Prevention Research Center is fortunate to have a close working relationship with the Injury and Violence Prevention Branch of the Division of Public Health in the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Dr. Marshall has served on the Executive Board of the Safe States Alliance and is a member of the Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research.

Key Publications

Methodologic limitations of prescription opioid safety research and recommendations for improving the evidence base. Ranapurwala SI, Naumann RB, Austin A, Dasgupta N, Marshall SW. (2018). Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, Epub.
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Trajectories of dispensed prescription opioids among beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicaid controlled substance "lock-in" program. Naumann RB, Marshall SW, Gottfredson NC, Lund JL, Ringwalt CL, Skinner AC.  (2018). Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, Epub.

Evaluating short- and long-term impacts of a Medicaid "lock-in" program on opioid and benzodiazepine prescriptions dispensed to beneficiaries. Naumann RB, Marshall SW, Lund JL, Gottfredson NC, Ringwalt CL, Skinner AC. (2018). Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 182.

The Power of Academic-Practitioner Collaboration to Enhance Science and Practice Integration: Injury and Violence Prevention Case Studies (Supplement, Injury and Violence Prevention). Smith LS, Wilkins N, Marshall SW, Dellapenna A, Pressley JC, Bauer M, South EC, Green K. (2018). Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 24.

Seven Steps for Developing and Implementing a Preventive Training Program: Lessons Learned from JUMP-ACL and Beyond. Anthony Beutler, Kenneth Cameron, Lindsay DiStefano, Alex Donaldson, Barnett Frank, Stephen Marshall, Sarah Motte, Darin Padua (2014). Clinics in Sports Medicine, 33(4), 615-632.

Definition and usage of the term "overuse injury" in the us high school and collegiate sport epidemiology literature: A systematic review. Stephen Marshall, Karen Roos (2014). Sports Medicine, 44(3), 405-421.

A headform for testing helmet and mouthguard sensors that measure head impact severity in football players. Stephanie Bonin, Alyssa Demarco, Kevin Guskiewicz, Stephen Marshall, Gunter Siegmund (2014). Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 42(9), 1834-1845.

National collegiate athletic association injury surveillance system: Review of methods for 2004-2005 through 2013-2014 data collection. Jill Corlette, Thomas Dompier, Brian Hainline, Zachary Kerr, David Klossner, Stephen Marshall, Erin Snook (2014). Journal of Athletic Training, 49(4), 552-560.

Disclosure and non-disclosure of concussion and concussion symptoms in athletes: Review and application of the socio-ecological framework. Kelly Evenson, Kevin Guskiewicz, Zachary Kerr, Stephen Marshall, Jason Mihalik, Johna Register-Mihalik (2014). Brain Injury, 28(8), 1009-1021.

Jump-landing biomechanics and knee-laxity change across the menstrual cycle in women with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. David Bell, Anthony Beutler, J. Blackburn, Anthony Hackney, Stephen Marshall, Darin Padua (2014). Journal of Athletic Training, 49(2), 154-162.

Implementing exertional heat illness prevention strategies in US high school football. Douglas Casa, R. Comstock, Zachary Kerr, Stephen Marshall (2014). Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 46(1), 124-130.

Staff/Administrative Duties

Director, UNC Injury Prevention Research Center

Professor and co-leader, Injury Program, UNC Department of Epidemiology

Director of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention

Adjunct appointment in Department of Exercise and Sport Science

Faculty, Sports Medicine Research Lab

Faculty, Center for the Study of Retired Athletes

Faculty, Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center


  • PhD, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1998
  • Dip Ag S, Biometrics and Field Experimentation, Lincoln University, 1989
  • BSc, Mathematics, University of Canterbury, 1987