Edward G. McGavran Award for Excellence in Teaching

Online submission


Jane Monaco, DrPH, 2013 McGavran award recipient, accepts award from Anna Maria Siega-Riz, PhD

The purpose of the McGavran Award for Excellence in Teaching is to recognize career-long excellence in teaching by full-time faculty in the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. Teaching, in this context, is broadly defined and includes activities inside and outside classroom settings (e.g., mentoring student research and practice activities, teaching-related administrative roles, and innovative developments in teaching methods and materials).
The Awards Committee seeks evidence of accomplishment in teaching quality and accomplishment sustained over a career. Factors to be considered when deciding the recipient of the McGavran Award include the following:

 Quality. The record of a strong candidate for the McGavran award should contain examples of innovation, leadership, impact and excellence in teaching both inside and outside the classroom. Evidence may include, but is not limited to:

  • Creation or adoption of innovative teaching tools and techniques
  • Publication of teaching-related materials, including texts, and evidence of their impact on the field
  • A major role in influencing School-wide, university, national or professional curricular issues
  • Teaching-related awards.

Accomplishment. The record of a strong candidate should include evidence of a substantial number of students positively influenced by the nominee. Examples relevant to this criterion may include, but are not limited to:

  • Courses taught, including the nominee’s role in developing each course
  • Feedback from students and peers regarding innovations
  • Teaching programs developed and/or administered, including training grants and service as director of graduate studies in a department
  • Students advised and how they have been stimulated and inspired
  • Other relevant information.

Eligibility. Eligibility is restricted to full-time faculty in the School. Past recipients of the McGavran Award are not eligible.

Nominations will be solicited from students (including alumni) and faculty in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Each nomination should be submitted online via Qualtrics survey.

To be considered, the nomination must include the name and department of the nominee and the nominator as well as a brief supporting statement that addresses the above criteria. Nominations must be received by spring 2016.

The Academic Programs Committee will review all nominations received and will prepare a recommendation to the dean, who will make the final selection. The associate dean of academic affairs will deliver the award at the School Commencement.

2015 Michael Hudgens
2014  Lewis Margolis
2013  Jane Monaco
 2012  Suzanne Maman
 2011  Amanda Holliday and Jon Hussey
 2010  Amy Herring
 2009  James Thomas
 2008  no award given
 2007  Carolyn Barrett
 2006  no award given
 2005  Doug Crawford-Brown
 2004  Jianwen Cai
 2003  Michael Bowling
 2002  Linda Adair
 2001  Irva Hertz-Picciotto and Sandra Martin
 2000  William Zelman
 1999  Christine Jackson
 1998  Arnold Kaluzny
 1997  no award given
 1996  Pranab K. Sen
 1995  Allan B. Steckler
 1994  Carl Shy
 1993  Gerardo Heiss
 1992  Gary Koch
 1991  Al Tyroler
 1990  Bonnie Rogers
 1989  Victor Schoenbach
 1988  William Herzog
 1987  Brenda Devellis and Gary Rozier
 1986  Earl Siegel and Morris Schaefer
 1985  Lawrence L. Kupper
 1984  James Watson Jr.
 1983  Jo Anne Earp and Philip C. Singer
 1982  Berton Kaplan and Charlene Ossler
 1981  Patricia Z. Barry
 1980  Norman F. Weatherly
 1979  Leonard S. Rosenfeld
 1978  Emil T. Chanlett
 1977  John Larsh Jr. and David G. Kleinbaum
 1976  John C. Cassel
 1975  Roy R. Kuebler