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Antibodies from Dengue fever survivors can be used to prevent Zika infection

A study led by Ralph Baric, PhD, professor of epidemiology, reports antibodies derived from patients who survived Dengue fever can be used to fight the Zika virus now and potentially open the door for the development of a Zika therapeutic treatment in the not too distant future. Photo by Marcos Teixeira de Freitas.
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The latest blog post, from our Executive Director, welcomes new and incoming students to the 2016-2017 academic year!
Jim visits resident of Kibera, an informal community near Nairobi
Jim Herrington, PhD, MPH
Executive Director
At UNC Gillings we work collaboratively with local and regional partners and around the world to seek transformative solutions to improve global health. As part of these efforts, UNC’s Gillings Global Gateway promotes and advances the School’s global health activities in research, service and teaching through partnerships, internships, outreach and communications.

Our activities include:

Global Offerings

Some of the global offerings of The Gillings School are two Certificates in Global Health, a Global Online Master of Public Health, and the Executive Doctorate of Public Health.

Internships & Funding

The Gillings Global Gateway™ helps administer several funded global fellowships and internships.  See them here along with other opportunities!

Student Research

Student research is part of our culture at the Gillings School, and many of those projects have a global purview. Check out some of the most recent research.