This page provides resources and training materials pertaining to Deposits.

Menu Path

To create a deposit:
Finance WorkCenter > AR/Billing > Regular Deposit

To view a Deposit:
NavBar icon > Finance Menu > Accounts Receivable > Payments > Review Payments > Payment Status

To run the daily cash transmittal report:
NavBar icon > Finance Menu > Accounts Receivable > UNC Account Receivable > DCT Receipt




Create a Deposit QRC This quick reference card (QRC) shows how to submit approved cash/coin, check, and/or electronic deposits to the University Cashier’s Office.
Making University Deposits Guide This is the student guide for the Making University Deposits class.
Correcting Unbalanced Deposits This QRC covers how to correct unbalanced deposits by using the Totals and
Payments tabs.
Correcting CFS & Adding Attachments This QRC shows how to correct chartfield strings (CFS) on approved deposits and provides guidelines for adding electronic attachments.
Editing a Rejected Deposit This QRC covers how to edit and resubmit a deposit that has been rejected by
the Cashier’s Office.
Running Deposit Reports This QRC shows how to run the Deposit Status Report and the DCT Receipt
Deposit Resources Resources to help you learn how to make and manage deposits in ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte.
Cash Policy 302 Policy on General Receipts and Deposits
Knowledge Base Cash Management Policies.



  • Separate deposits are required for each type of receipt; can’t combine cash/coin, checks, and credit cards.
  • Always have two people verify cash, each person should count the cash (separately) and initial that they counted it and the amount.
  • Rubber stamp (UNC endorsement) the back of the check. Make a copy of the front and back of the check for your department/unit records.
  • Print two copies of the Deposit Transmittal Report; keep one copy for department/unit records and send the other copy to the Cashier’s Office (CB 1400 SASB North).
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