Rusyn appointed to new National Academies committee

February 05, 2009

Dr. Ivan Rusyn

Dr. Ivan Rusyn

Ivan Rusyn, MD, PhD, associate professor of environmental sciences and engineering, has been appointed to a new committee of the National Academies. The Standing Committee on Use of Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions is a joint effort of the Board on Life Sciences and the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology and was assembled under a contract with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

The committee’s charge is to “examine, explore, and consider issues on the use of emerging science for environmental health decisions.”

<p”> To accomplish this charge, the committee will facilitate communication among government, industry and environmental groups, and the academic community, about scientific advances in methods and approaches that can be used in the identification, quantification and control of environmental impacts on human health.The committee will invite experts to meet publicly with them to talk about key scientific issues relevant to the use of emerging scientific information, knowledge and approaches in regulation, disease prevention, education and personal choice, and clinical intervention and management of diseases caused and/or modified by environmental factors. 



Note: Rusyn may be reached at (919) 843-2596 or

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