Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH)

Health Policy and Management

Program mission: To develop responsible graduates who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to pursue successful careers in service to others in health systems in the U.S. and abroad. The program aims to prepare students for both entry-level positions and for advanced degree programs (e.g. graduate school, medical school, law school).What are the strengths of our program?

What are our students interested in?
The following questions reflect just a few of the diverse interest areas our students explore while in the program:

  • Health disparities: What can we do to address the causes of health disparities both in the U.S. and internationally?
  • Health reform: In what ways will health reform change the future of U.S. healthcare?
  • Access to care: What can be done to improve access to healthcare for underserved populations?
  • Healthcare quality and costs: How can we improve quality of care while also managing rising healthcare expenditures?
  • Health promotion and disease prevention: What can we do to address preventable illnesses caused by tobacco use, obesity, and physical inactivity?
  • Global Health: How do other countries deliver healthcare and what can the U.S. learn from their successes and failures? How can we improve health systems and services in low resource countries?
  • Management and Leadership: How can we best lead organizations and partnerships toward providing high-quality services and achieving great outcomes?

For a thorough introduction to the HPM BSPH Program and ways to meet current students, please visit our BSPH Program website.

General Information

Minimum Credit Hours

120 2 yrs spent in UNC General College prior to admission. Credit hours not to exceed 165; Local residence for the last 30 hours of degree credit.

Expected Duration

4 yrs Summer enrollment is required: 2 credits hours during SS1 for the required internship (HPM 393).

Learning Environment


Dual Degree Options Available


Application Cycle

Fall Students apply in January of their sophomore year for admission the following fall. See application details page for more info.

Application Deadline 1

January 12, 2021 Students apply in January of their sophomore year for admission the following fall. See application details page for more info.

Applicant Information

Who Should Apply

Strong applicants demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Strong academic performance
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrated interest in the field of health policy and management
  • Professionalism and maturity
  • Ability to work well on teams
Enrolled Student Demographics

  • Total Enrollment 1620
  • Female 72%, Male 28%
  • Underrepresented Minority Students 16.3%
  • International 11%

Program Costs & Funding

Admissions Information

Prior Degree Required

52-60 credit hours of undergraduate coursework

Required Prerequisites

Prerequisites (must be completed with a 'C' or better before beginning program): ECON -101; One of the following: STOR-155 or ECON 400; BIOL-101, BIOL-101L; One of the following: BUSI 102, 106, 107, 108, or 407 (if you have previously taken BUSI 101 at UNC during the last 2 years then we will accept this as your BUSI pre-req) ; One of the following: MATH 130, 152, 231, 232, or 233 OR STOR 112 or 113.

Standardized Test(s) Accepted

None required

Standardized Test Scores

  • GRE scores are neither required nor typically recommended for applicants to the Master of Public Health program.
  • Undergrad G.P.A.

    Incoming students had a mean undergraduate GPA of 3.6

    Letters of Recommendation Required

    2 (academic and/or professional; at least one academic). The strongest letters of reference are often from professors or teaching assistants or supervisors who have worked with you.

    Faculty-Student Match Required

    Not required

    Interviews Required

    Department will contact selected applicants for interviews.

    Work Experience Required

    None required Demonstrated interest in the field is highly desirable. Examples include (but are not limited to) health-related internships, volunteer activities, work experiences, student organizations, and course projects.

    Visit Opportunities

    Learn about opportunities to come to UNC Gillings to meet faculty, staff, and current students. If you are unable to come to campus – don’t worry – our representatives attend a variety of recruitment events around the United States as well as host virtual fairs and webinars.

    During the Program

    Required Courses

    For a detailed description of all the requirements for this degree program please click here for the Student Handbook.

    Comprehensive Exam Type(s)

    No comprehensive exams

    Capstone, Thesis or Dissertation

    Senior honors thesis (HPM 691H Honors Research | Syllabus: and HPM 692H) is available to students who meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in completing independent research during their senior year.

    Practicum, Internships & Fieldwork

    10-week, full-time internship in a health-related setting in the summer between the junior and senior years (HPM 393, 2 credits in senior fall, $400 field training fee)

    Global Options Available

    The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health strives to integrate global content and approaches across the School’s courses, programs and degrees. We believe that every student should emerge from our School with an understanding of global health issues. Some courses are focused largely on global issues, others are designed so that global and local issues are intertwined and some still are evolving. Learn more about these options.

    NOTE: Undergraduate students have limited opportunity to pursue our certificates or global health courses.

    After the Program

    Employment Opportunities

    Healthcare consulting firms, hospitals, health systems, physician practices, public health departments, government agencies, health research organizations, community health organizations, health insurance companies, health technology organizations, global health organizations Peace Corps, in addition to a wide variety of graduate and professional school opportunities. See our BSPH student success page.

    Example Job Responsibilities

    Work with health organizations to improve patient satisfaction, quality of care, access to care and financial performance. Educate community members about health matters. Conduct research on public health concerns and report outcomes to health organizations or government agencies. Manage a health care practice or hospital service area.

    1. Complete online application
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      • Application Deadline: TBA
      • Fee: 0

      (The Graduate School Application is a common application system for UNC-Chapel Hill programs.)


        See program details in GPS for requirements such as prequisites, prior degree, work experience, any test score waivers, as well as a tuition estimate and program overview.

        • The first step is to "Apply for Major/Minor Change" in ConnectCarolina, which is available from the "other academic..." dropdown menu, located under the Academics section of the Student Center tab (SelfService > Student Center). Once you select the "Apply for Major/Minor Change" option from the dropdown menu, click on the double arrow to go to the Apply for Major/Minor Change page. You will then select the BSPH major that you wish to apply for from the "Major/Minor" dropdown menu. You can click "Dept. URL" button to display a link to department website. Once you have made your selection from the "Major/Minor" dropdown menu, you will need to select fall semester and year from the "Term" dropdown menu. When the student is ready to submit their request, they will need to click the "I Agree" checkbox in order for the "Submit Request" button to become available.
        • You will receive an email the next business day with a link to start the BSPH application. As a result, you cannot submit a major change form on the due date of the application, as the email with the application link does not get sent until the next business day. Please pay close attention to application deadlines to ensure that you can complete and submit the application on time.
        • Current UNC students are eligible to apply to a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) degree program after completion of department-specific BSPH major prerequisites and most General College requirements. Students are eligible for admission after completing 52-60 credit hours of coursework or by examination/advanced placement credit. UNC students typically apply to the Gillings School of Global Public Health in the second semester of their sophomore year of study for fall admission the following academic year. You may apply to more than one major; however you will need to complete and submit separate applications to each major (so you will need to start the process again with “Apply for Major/Minor Change" in order to apply to the 2nd public health major, as you will receive another separate email with the link to that application the next business day).
      2. Applicant type

      3. Plans for undergraduate study

      4. Applicant information,  including North Carolina residency information.

      5. Educational history

        • Please upload an unofficial or official transcript for all colleges that you have attended since graduating from high school, including your fall grades.
      6. Prerequisite courses

      7. Work and volunteer experience

        (Upload your resume in this section.) It is not necessary to enter this information if it is included on your resume.

      8. Awards, recognitions and activities

        It is not necessary to enter this information if it is included on your resume.

      9. Community standards

        You will be asked about honor code, crime, academic sanction, military discharge, etc.

      10. Upload your personal statement.

        • Upload your statement in the Supplemental Documents section. Please address the following (no more than two pages, single-spaced):
          • When/how/why did you become interested in the BSPH program?
          • What experience (volunteer or paid) contributed to your interest in the field?
          • What do you feel you have to offer to the program and field?
          • How will this program prepare you for your projected career?
          • Please answer the above personal statement in two pages or less. Then, on an additional page: For each of the pre-requisites that you are taking for our program, please list the following:
          Department and Course number that you are using to satisfy this pre-requisite; College where you took it; Grade or AP Score you received if you took it BE (by exam) or “in-progress” if you are still taking it. Examples (please list the courses in this order as well):
          • BIOL 101; BE-3
          • BIOL Lab; UNC-CH; In progress
          • BUSI 106; UNC-CH; A
          • STAT 419; Elon University; A-
          • MATH 231; UNC-CH; B
          • ECON 101; North Carolina State University; B+
      11. Enter names of recommenders. UNC will then send them an email with instructions for submitting a letter on your behalf. We encourage references from professors or teachers (or teaching assistants) or work/research supervisors who have worked directly and closely with you and who can speak about you with specificity.

          • Two (2) letters of recommendation are required. At least one of your letters should be from someone qualified to evaluate your academic qualifications.
      12. Document submission (check legibility of uploads)

        • Applicants should preview all documents uploaded into the application system to ensure that all documents are legible for committee review.
      13. Track your progress.

        • You will be able to track status through the Graduate School application. Once a decision is made, you will receive an email instructing login to the Graduate School application portal to see the decision letter.
    2. FYI: costs and funding (separate from the admissions process)
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      1. Check out our Costs and Funding page.

      2. Apply for FEDERAL financial aid by March 1 (please verify this date via FAFSA) via FAFSA. If you've been admitted and completed the FAFSA form by their deadline, the UNC Office of Scholarships and Student Aid will create a financial aid package for you.

      3. Department funding

        • Department does not offer funding for this program.
    3. FYI: application review process
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      1. SPH application review:

        • Interview
          • Department will contact selected applicants for interviews.
        • You will be notified via email regarding program decision.

    The Gillings Program Search is a tool for exploring academic programs at the School. It is a prospectus for the current year to be used in consultation with an academic adviser and does not constitute the complete degree or program requirements for graduation or program completion.

    Health Policy and Management
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