Institute launches ambassador project

This summer Institute staff are piloting a new program aimed at improving customer service by learning more about our main customers–local health departments in North Carolina–and their needs related to NCIPH services.

Says deputy director Dorothy Cilenti, herself a former county health director, “The goal of the Ambassador Project is to strengthen relationships and promote mutual understanding between the NCIPH and the local public health practice community so that NCIPH is viewed as a strategic and valued asset to local health departments as they work to improve the health and quality of life for North Carolina residents.”

While Institute personnel teach courses in almost all North Carolina counties and serve on a variety of committees also scheduled outside of Chapel Hill/Carrboro, the newly-formed ambassador team will assess the impact of NCIPH services in the state and determine how the Institute can better help local health departments do their work.

The pilot phase of the program includes visits to 12 health departments, with the goal of an ambassador visit to all 87 North Carolina health departments.

“What are the priorities? How can we work together? What do we need to do more of or improve?” These questions are part of this sharing-of-information. The visits should also increase awareness of the programs and services currently offered by the Institute.

Cilenti added, “We believe the Ambassador Project is aligned with other engagement initiatives across the School of Public Health and the University. We hope these efforts will build even more good will with our local health departments.”