Breastfeeding and Your Lifestyle

Breastfeeding and Your Lifestyle Handout Excerpt

Maternity Care Handouts for Patients

Breastfeeding and Your Lifestyle (medications, alcohol, tobacco, etc.): Sample Version | Printable Download

Planning Ahead: Going Back to Work or SchoolSample Version | Printable Download

For Employers: Supporting Breastfeeding Benefits Everyone:
Sample Version | Printable Download

These patient resources are available in Spanish and Arabic, as well. Click the Printable Download and agree to copyright agreement for free access.

Maternity Care Handouts for Staff

Supplemental educational handouts on hot topics in the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding:

Step 4 – Delayed Cord Clamping
Step 4 – Skin-to-Skin Care
Step 4 – Eyes and Thighs
Step 5 – Human Milk Expression
Step 5 – Bottle and Formula Feeding
Step 5 – Engaging Partners in Breastfeeding
Step 8 – Infant Feeding Cues
Step 10 – Community ResourcesSample Version | Printable Download

Click here for all above as one PDF.   |     Click here for professional printers PDF.

*Note – these staff resources are not intended for patient use, and are intended for supplemental breastfeeding education only for facilities working on implementation of the Ten Steps, in addition to regular breastfeeding training that staff may receive.

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