The Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute is partnering with Trig Innovation to develop the Couplet Care BassinetTM to provide a safer and more accommodating environment for women and their infants on postnatal units. There is a striking lack of innovation around the maternity care environment, spanning decades. “Couplet Care BassinetTM” development will establish a commercial product to promote breastfeeding, enhance safety for infants, and reduce undue strain on new mothers and their postnatal unit healthcare providers.

The Couplet Care BassinetTM seeks to remedy hazards through more ergonomic access to the infant, greater range of potential for bassinet positioning, and safety features new to the industry. The innovation is expected to reduce the risk for tragic, adverse events by providing a secure and accessible infant sleeping location. The objective is to create a product to better support women becoming mothers while enabling safer infant care practices.

CGBI Project Team for Couplet Care Bassinet TM project

CGBI’s Kristin Tully and Catherine Sullivan recently conducted a series of webinars with national maternity healthcare leaders to share the Couplet Care BassinetTM prototype details and consider areas for design refinement. The first medical-grade model is due to arrive in Chapel Hill shortly, for preliminary safety testing. We are also excited to partner with NC Women’s Hospital faculty Karen Dorman, Director of Perinatal Research, and Carl Seashore, Medical Director of the Well-Baby Unit, for in-person design feedback from healthcare providers and recent mothers.

Dr. Tully is exploring mechanisms for development of the next prototype iteration, full safety testing, and multi-site trials to prepare for licensing. The bassinet will be available for birthing facilities in the US and globally. For additional information or to communicate interest, please submit your contact information via the online form or email Kristin.

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