Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute (CGBI)

Breastfeeding Exclusive Spring 2019 - 4th Trimester Project

New Postpartum Women’s Health Website

The “4th Trimester” is defined as the days, weeks, and months following birth. This part of our lives is important for infants and their caregivers, in every way. The 4th Trimester Project team is comprised of Dr. Sarah Verbiest, CGBI’s Drs. Alison Stuebe and Kristin Tully, Suzanne Woodward, Venus Standard and Dr. Amelia Gibson of UNC-Chapel Hill.

While much attention is focused on babies, the 4th Trimester also includes the birth of mothers. During these early postpartum months and beyond, women undergo changes with their bodies, feelings, and relationships. Too often, women are left to navigate their health and care without adequate information or support. Our team of researchers, clinicians, and mothers are striving to support women and their families by offering a hub of information and resources that might be helpful. The forthcoming UNC website is intentionally designed to provide the latest medical evidence and also offer real, honest stories to inform postpartum planning.

We thank the Global Health Foundation for support and Momma’s Village in Fayetteville NC, 4Moms2Be in Greensboro, NC, and Mahogany Milk, also in Greensboro, for their partnership. More information on work to change the way America treats new mothers is available through the Jordan Institute for Families. Project contact email:

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