Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute (CGBI)

Breastfeeding Exclusive March 2017 – Food for the Hungry - Guatemala

foodforhungryFood for the Hungry (FH) Guatemala has received new grant funding to continue their work to improve maternal and child health in rural communities of Guatemala. As a part of the new funding, FH will be working with CGBI to update two existing Care Groups education modules: 1) Prenatal and Newborn Care and 2) Breastfeeding. The focus of the content updates will be two-pronged. First, the lesson plans within each module will be updated based on the most recent evidence available and new lesson plans will be added to enhance the education. Second, the topics of responsive feeding and early childhood development will be woven into the messaging for a more complete approach.

Together, FH and CGBI will build on long-term existing relationships in these communities. Baseline survey data results will inform barrier analyses and focus groups, which will then inform the revisions to the educational content. Ultimately, FH staff will attend a train-the-trainer workshop in order to bring the updated education modules back into their communities via Care Groups. To learn more about the Care Groups methodology, visit this outside link. To learn more about CGBI’s past work with FH where a Responsive Feeding module was developed, please see this past Breastfeeding Exclusive article from March of 2015, and this news post linking to the curriculum.