Facilitating Environmental Exposure Research
We are a National Institute of Health Environmental Health Sciences Core Center.

The UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS) facilitates collaborations by funding university infrastructure to support scientific equipment, facilities, and other resources that can be shared among environmental health researchers. By pursuing shared research questions, CEHS can identify emerging issues that advance understanding about how pollutants and other environmental factors affect human biology and may lead to disease. The Center is funded through a P-30 grant from the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences.

Message from the Director

COVID-19 Research Funding Opportunities:

The CEHS encourages proposals from researchers pursuing environmental susceptibility to COVID-19 through the Rapid Response mechanism.  Responsive applications will address susceptible populations, including patients with environmental asthma or with exposure to ambient, occupational or environmental chemicals. In addition, the CEHS is a partner for the COVID-19 Gillings Innovation Labs (GILs).

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