Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility
2019-2020 T32 Professional Development Series

We are pleased to provide the 2019-2020 T32 Professional Development Series. The 2019-2020 T32 Professional Development Series will be held roughly monthly (six times this academic year) on Tuesday evenings from 5-6:30 pm.

10/22: Successful F31 Panel, with Andrea Walens, LCCC Post-Doc; Jessica Islam, EPID Pre-Doc; Joyce Rhoden, Graduate Research Assistant in McGG 2301
11/12: Effective Negotiations, with Andy Olshan in McGG 2301
1/14: Sponsored Research and Budgeting for Grant Applications, with Todd Downes-Location TBD
2/18: Careers Outside of Academia, with Jessica Pepper, Alexandra White, Yael Symes & Caroline Dilworth-Location TBD
3/24: Community Engagement in Research, with Kathleen Gray-Location TBD
4/21: Rigor and Reproducibility, with Haibo Zhou-Location TBD

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