Provider perspectives are vital to solving widespread absenteeism in Kenyan health care clinics

October 8, 2019
“Our recent and very preliminary data suggest that between 25 and 50 percent of public sector health care providers in western Kenya are absent at any given time,” says Dr. Katherine Tumlinson.

Can a screening for social determinants of health effectively inform children's health care?

October 7, 2019
A study by students and faculty at the UNC Gillings School explored whether screening tools that examine social determinants of health in children can accurately identify early indicators of risk. Based on the researchers' comprehensive review of existing literature, it remains unclear whether such screenings — which aim to consider risk factors outside traditional medical information — inform better care for children.

Health warning labels reduce purchases of sugary beverages

October 2, 2019
A randomized controlled trial from the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health finds that even brief exposure to health warnings on sugar-sweetened beverages reduced purchases of those beverages, providing evidence that such warnings promote healthier drink choices.

With ~$52M in funding from NIH HEAL Initiative, Gillings School researchers join fight against national opioid crisis

October 1, 2019
To reverse the opioid crisis that continues to grip the United States, the National Institutes of Health has awarded $945 million in funding across 41 states through the Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) Initiative. Researchers at the Gillings School are leading one of the 375 grant awards, which focuses on back pain.

Lock-in programs connect patients to drug treatment, but don’t reduce risk of opioid overdose

September 17, 2019
Lock-in programs for individuals at risk for opioid misuse appear to have little effect on overdoses — a finding that points to a need for improved program design.

Hursting moves into 16th year of Breast Cancer Research Foundation grant

September 13, 2019
“Our work has evolved from asking Is obesity increasing cancer risk? and What are the mechanisms linking obesity and cancer?” Dr. Hursting says. “We have largely answered the first question and are still working on the second, but our focus really has turned to What are we going to do about it?

New peanut allergy treatment is effective and safe, study finds

September 4, 2019
UNC researchers show that tiny under-the-tongue doses of peanut protein can offer safe and substantial protection against a peanut allergy.

Sharing breast milk is increasingly common, but its impact on infant nutrition is understudied

September 4, 2019
Though many families worldwide turn to various methods of human milk exchange to feed and nourish their infants, researchers have done little to explore the impact of sharing breast milk on infant health outcomes and malnutrition.

UNC Gillings community mourns Professor Emeritus John Anderson

August 29, 2019
Dr. John Joseph Baxter Anderson, 85, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, passed away August 21 at UNC Hospitals. "Beloved by faculty, staff and students throughout the School, John was an esteemed colleague, mentor and friend."

Two health behavior faculty receive NIH Career Development Awards

August 22, 2019
Dr. Marissa Hall will design and evaluate pictorial health warnings for food products. Dr. Sarah Mills will model the public health impact of a national menthol cigarette ban.

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