North Carolina tropical cyclone-driven coastal flooding is worsening with climate change, population growth

July 26, 2019
Six of the seven highest precipitation events in coastal North Carolina since 1898 have occurred within the last 20 years.

New studies from UNC Gillings researcher support community dental practices

July 15, 2019
Two new papers co-authored by Dr. Alex White at the Gillings School promote the improvement of oral health by providing better training and support for the practitioners who serve in local communities.

Typical HIV testing efforts fall short in reaching one group of African-American men

July 9, 2019
African-American men who have sex with men (MSM) and have never been tested for HIV are a small group, but they have a significant impact on the HIV epidemic. New research from a faculty member at the Gillings School shows that efforts to end this epidemic must address the different needs of men who have been historically underserved by HIV prevention and treatment efforts.

Packard Foundation to support ‘score card’ intervention for family planning in Kenya

July 3, 2019
Dr. Katherine Tumlinson wants to help women in low-income countries access family planning. "Women must be able to safely achieve their desired family size,” she says, “but health care providers in these countries sometimes discourage family planning use by engaging in negative behaviors."

Salzberg to direct UNC’s Water Institute

July 1, 2019
An international leader in global water policy, peace and security, Dr. Aaron Salzberg, has been selected as the Don and Jennifer Holzworth Distinguished Professor and director of The Water Institute at the UNC Gillings School.

Baric named a 2019 UNC Distinguished Professor

July 1, 2019
“Dr. Baric and his team are working on some of the greatest threats to the future of mankind and animals,” said Dean Barbara K. Rimer. “Emerging infections know no boundaries and threaten us today in a way the world has never experienced. Dr. Baric is not just an amazing scientist; he is heroic!”

Researchers conduct benchmark comparison of pore-scale models for multiphase flow

June 24, 2019
Pore-scale models are predictive mathematical models that help scientists simulate how multiphase flow processes will play out, increasing understanding of natural events and enhancing the effectiveness of industrial applications.

Lack of diversity in genomic research hinders precision medicine for nonwhite Americans

June 19, 2019
A new study uncovers 65 genetic variants found in understudied minority populations that could lead to improved precision medicine for those groups.

Peterson inducted as Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

June 19, 2019
Dr. Herbert Peterson, William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of maternal and child health at the UNC Gillings School, was inducted June 15 as a Fellow Honoris Causa of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The ceremony took place at the RCOG headquarters in London.

UNC scientists discover a powerful antibody that inhibits multiple strains of norovirus

June 18, 2019
This breakthrough brings researchers closer than ever to an effective vaccine for the dreaded stomach virus.

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