What makes Gillings distinct

The Gillings School of Global Public Health fills nearly an entire block on the UNC campus. Modern classrooms and well-equipped laboratories in four buildings -- Rosenau Hall, McGavran-Greenberg Hall, Baity Labs and the Michael Hooker Research Center -- support student learning and research.

What sets the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health apart from other top ranked institutions?

It’s the people.

We are a community of engaged faculty, students and staff who work with communities and across disciplines, in North Carolina and around the world, to solve some of our most challenging health problems. We have a small-school feel with all the advantages of a large, world-class university.

At UNC-Gillings we believe we can make a world of difference, and we strive to make that belief a reality every day.



Rebecca Fry, PhD, associate professor of environmental sciences and engineering (fourth from left), consults with members of her lab. Dr. Fry has made major discoveries about the prevalence, molecular pathways, and long-term health effects of prenatal exposure to toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium and lead.

Gillings faculty, students and staff study, research, act on and help solve urgent public health problems.

  • Big problems, big solutions. We’re finding ways to prevent cancer, reduce health disparities, improve water quality and access, prevent obesity in children, and create practical, cost-effective solutions to improving health policy.
  • Focus on community. We work with communities in our research, teaching and outreach to address community health problems.
  • Constructive action. We collaborate and engage beyond programs and departments to produce results.


“Global is local, local is global.”

  • We are everywhere. We do research or outreach in all 100 North Carolina counties, across the U.S., and in 45+ countries around the world.
  • We are nimble and creative. Our approaches, methods and solutions are adaptable: successes in North Carolina, Tanzania, China, or Brazil inform applications in other countries, in NC, and throughout the U.S.
  • We can meet help you meet your goals. Every department offers opportunities for local and global study.

For every significant public health challenge now or on the horizon, our faculty, staff and students create, lead and implement research and solutions locally and globally.


At Gillings, you find people working together, across disciplines, to make a difference. You find practical idealists who are gaining new knowledge about some of the world’s biggest health threats. You find us translating knowledge into programs, policies and practices and taking them to scale.

  • Great spaces. Our 21st-century classrooms, labs and meeting spaces help propel our work. Our open doors and open spaces help us engage, exchange ideas, move forward.
  • Interdisciplinary inquiry. We’re across the street from the medical, nursing and dental schools, next door to our pharmacy school, a short walk from arts and sciences, and around the corner from one of the finest hospitals and cancer centers in the U.S. At Gillings, it’s easy to make connections, explore concepts from all angles, ask and answer questions, make progress.
  • Outstanding university. UNC-Chapel Hill is known as one of the nation’s great “public ivies.” Students at Gillings have access to the deep resources available throughout the campus.
  • Great college town. And then there’s Chapel Hill, one of Fortune’s 10 Best Places to Live in the U.S. You’ll find a diverse, welcoming community that helps define the Gillings experience.