This page provides resources and training materials pertaining to Salary Source Changes, which encompasses Funding Swaps and Lump Sum Payments.

Menu Paths

Both of these actions are done in the ePAR form, accessible in the HR Workcenter: Main Menu → HR Workcenter.
Click on “ePAR Home Page” on the left pane.
On the ePAR Home Page, click on “Start a new ePAR”. Then scroll down to choose either “Funding Swap” or “Lump Sum Payment”.




Funding Swaps and Lump Sum Payments Student Guide The Student Guide provides very detailed step-by-step and screenshot-by-screenshot explanations about the funding swaps and lump sum payments function within the ePAR form.

Funding Swaps and Lump Sum Payments Exercise Book (customized for the School of Public Health) This Exercise Book was used as the basis of ConnectCarolina training. The exercise book provides good examples of transactions and walks you through the system in a manner more streamlined than in the Student Guide. For participants who completed training, review of the exercises will be a good refresher of how to enter different funding swaps and lumps um payments on the ePAR form.

Blank Funding Swap Template (Excel download)

This blank template has been prepared to facilitate your communication of funding swaps with preparers. Please feel to customize it based on your departmental needs.

Computer-based Training

Three computer-based training courses are very good refresher material of this class. Under the “HR/Payroll” section, see the series encompassing:

  • Funding 1: Understanding Employee Funding (15 mins)
  • Funding 2: Making Funding Swaps (18 mins)
  • Funding 3: Making Lump Sum Payments (12 mins).

  • Dual Employment Payment Request

    The Dual Employment Payment Request Form has been updated to reflect the new chartfield structure. Please pay close attention to the additions of Vendor ID# and a Voucher number beginning in 5-####. Both fields should be assigned by the borrowing department. The form should still be made payable to the State Agency receiving the funds. Any questions should be directed to Teresa Watson (, 919-966-3251) or Henry Price (, 919-962-5765) in the Budget Office.

    Request Form for Retroactive Journal Entries

    This Request Form for Retroactive Journal Entries is to be used to correct salary sources for people who have hit suspense as a result of:

  • non-regular salary (longevity, overtime, fringe benefits only, shift differential, etc.
  • charges incurred from lump sum payments
  • charges on a vacant position
  • charges for a period that have already been retroed (retro on a retro)
  • charges for hourly employees that hit suspense due to low budget in the Department Budget Table
  • Please complete this form and then submit a remedy ticket and attach the completed form; the journal entry must be entered by a Finance Business Analyst.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The main ConnectCarolina page also has parking lot pages that you can review: Salary Source Changes and Commitment Accounting. In addition, as part of SPH training, many of you had great questions which will be answered here. If you have any further questions, please email We will obtain answers for you and update this page.

    1. For grants and contracts, is the Funding End Date defaulted to the budget end date or the project end date?

    The default Funding End Date is the budget end date.

    2. How do I make a change the source of a mobile communication device (MCD) stipend?

    While the original setup of a MCD stipend is by submitting a lump sum payment form, changes are done through the funding swap form. Effectively the employee receiving a stipend should have an additional line as a funding source and you will be able to swap it to another chartfield string similar to any other funding for that employee.

    3. How do I see who who can approve the form after I’ve submitted it?

    Go into the “View Form” item and search for your form. The View Form setting is broken down into two pages – go to page 2. Click on the link called “Who can work on this form” to see who can approve the form.

    4. When doing a funding swap, we need to identify an employee either using Position or an Appointment. How do we find a GRA or other student that does not have a position?

    If an employee is not associated with a position (generally SPA and EPA non-faculty would have a position), then you should find them using the Appointment category and search on their PID.

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