Partnering with communities from Lenoir to Lilongwe

UNC Gillings students are making a world of difference

Do you want to curb the opioid epidemic? Ensure better access to health care for all? Reduce and eliminate malaria in global settings?

These are just a few of the passions you can pursue through the Gillings MPH Practicum. We partner with communities and organizations from Lenoir County, N.C. to Lilongwe, Malawi, and we can help you gain the hands-on experience you need to attain your dreams.

2019 Gillings MPH Practicum Facts

Making a Difference in N.C.

Students worked in 23 counties in North Carolina

Around the Globe

Students worked in 17 countries


Students worked with over 130 organizations

Gillings MPH Practicum

This 200 (minimum) hour planned, mentored, and evaluated work experience (paid or unpaid) gives you the real-world opportunity to integrate and apply knowledge, skills, and values from Year One of your Gillings MPH training in a professional public health setting such as a nonprofit organization, hospital, local or state health department, or for-profit firm (public or private sectors).

You’ll have support as you work to identify a partner and project, develop ideas that can benefit both you and your partner organization, and then bring these ideas to fruition. And upon completion, you will have a portfolio of products that demonstrate your attainments to future employers.

Practicum Courses

SPHG 701: MPH Practicum Preparation (2 credits)

  • Provides support for the practicum process
  • Trains students on how to ethically, meaningfully, and professionally engage with practicum organizations and their stakeholders through building skills in leadership and interprofessional practice

SPHG 702: MPH Practicum Reflection (1 credit)

  • Facilitates critical reflection on, and sharing of, practicum experiences.
  • Helps students translate their practicum work into their long-term career goals.

Practicum Requirements

  • Provide 200 (minimum) hours to the practicum organization
  • Produce at least 2 deliverables for practicum organization
  • Receive mentorship from a public health professional
  • Carry out practicum within countries approved for student travel
  • Apply graduate-level skills & competencies

Practicum Support

  • SPHG 701 Section Instructors
  • Practicum Managers
  • Faculty Mentors
  • School and University Career Services

Practicum Day

Each year we celebrate the many productive collaborations among students, faculty, staff and community partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs do not apply to the Nutrition with Registered Dietitian Training (Nutrition/RD) concentration. Nutrition/RD students should refer to their program handbook for information about the Nutrition/RD practicum.

2019 Gillings MPH Practicum

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