July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Thank you to the many alumni and friends who support the Gillings School of Global Public Health! Your gifts truly make a difference and help us advance our mission of improving public health, promoting individual well-being and eliminating health inequities across North Carolina and around the world.

Below is the honor roll for fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019). Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists and our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions. If you have a correction or question, please contact the Advancement office at giving.sph@unc.edu or (919) 966-0198.

Rosenau Society
Gerrard Legacy Society
Faculty and Staff Donors

The Rosenau Society is named in honor of Milton J. Rosenau, the first dean of the School of Public Health. Membership in the Rosenau Society recognizes benefactors contributing $1,000+ to any area of the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. Membership must be renewed on an annual basis. Donors who made of gift of $1,000+ to the Gillings School between July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 are recognized below. 

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$1,000,000 and above
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

$500,000 to $999,999
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

$250,000 to $499,999
Marcia Angle '87 MPH (MCH) and Mark Trustin, JD
Carol Angle, MD
Don and Jennifer Holzworth
Barry Popkin, PhD
Estate of Joan M. Truby
Vidiri Foundation

$100,000 to $249,999
Edie Alfano-Sobsey '84 MSPH (ESE), '02 PhD (EPID) and Mark Sobsey, PhD
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Triangle Community Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999
Barbara K. Rimer, MPH, DrPH and Bernard Glassman, MA
Gary '68 PhD and Carolyn Koch '66 ABED, '67 MEd
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

$25,000 to $49,999
8-hour Ozone SIP Coalition
American Institute for Cancer Research
Eddie and Joanne Dauer
Dauer Family Foundation
The Dickson Foundation, Inc.
Peggy Leatt, PhD and George Pink, PhD
Erma '86 PhD (HB) and Serge Manoncourt
The Osprey Foundation
L. Jack and Ella Shaw Spiers Foundation
Derek, MBChB and Louise Winstanly, LLB, MS
Chase '95 MPH (NUTR) and Hubert Wood
World Cancer Research Fund

$10,000 to $24,999
Omid '95 BSPH (HPM) and Julie Ahdieh '95 BSPH (HPM)
Eunice Brock '68 MSLS and Sam Magill ’50 BA
Rosalind Coleman, MD and James Rolleston
Nguyen Dat, ’82 PhD and Diane Pounders
Nancy Dreyer ’76 MPH (EPID) and ’79 PhD (EPIP)
Rose Dreyer
Brenda Edwards '75 PhD (BIOS)
Cindy '81 BSPH (BIOS), '94 DrPH (BIOS) and Thomas Girman
Priscilla Guild '71 MSPH (BIOS)
Subhash Gumber, MD and Kawaljit Pasricha
Jewish Community Foundation of Metrowest NJ
Esther John '86 MA, '88 MSPH (EPID), '91 PHD (EPID) and Aart De Geus
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts
Mike '81 MSPH (MCH), MD and Jill Kafrissen, LCSW
Diane Medcalf
Mark Lee Jr. '97 MS (ESE) and Neha Mehta '99 MPH (ESE)
James '74 DrPH (EPID), MD, and Mary Merchant
Sandy Moulton '74 BA, '77 JD, '78 MPH (HPM) and Tom Wong '76, PhD, '79 MPH (HPM)
Adam '93 MS (BIOS) and Michelle Parker
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Matching Gifts
Jimmy '06 MBA, '07 MSPH (HPM) and Jen Rosen '07 MHA (HPM)
Schwab Charitable
Ruth Shults '99 PhD (EPID) and Charles Bradley
Anna Maria Siega-Riz '82 BSPH (NUTR), '93 PhD (NUTR) and Tom Katsouleas, PhD
Watermill Express

$5,000 to $9,999
Michael '92 PhD (EPID) and Barbara Arrighi
Bio-Rad Laboratories Life Science Group
Chemonics International, Inc.
The Columbus Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gifts
Falling Leaves Foundation, Inc.
First Manhattan Co.
Kevin and Susan Gibbons
Sandra Greene '71 BA, '72 MSPH (BIOS), '77 DrPH (BIOS)
Fred Hargett '95 BSBA, '96 BSPH (HPM), '96 MAC
Matthew Hindman
John '83 MSPH (HPM) and Janet Holland
International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials
Michael ‘80 BSPH (HB) and Karen Jones
Todd Jones '93 BSPH (HPM), JD and Kimberly Brackett-Jones, JD
Kathleen Kaney '13 DrPH (HPM) and Richard Bassham
James and Sheila Leatherman, MSW
Sally Liska '79 MPH (PALP), '81 DrPH (PALP)
Adeline and Bob Mah
Jess '07 MHA (HPM) and Doug '10 PhD (HPM) Melton II
Mark '75 BA, '84 MSPH (HPM) and Teri Merrill
The Minneapolis Foundation
NSF International
Maura '96 MPH (MCH) and Mark Rampolla
The Mark & Maura Rampolla Foundation
Anna '77 BA, '83 MSPH (HB), '97 PhD (EPID) and Jim Schenck '76 BA, '82 JD
Scientific Methods Inc.
Gladys Siegel
Mary Templeton '69 MPH (HPM)
Penny Thompson
Morris, PhD and Jane Weinberger

$2,500 to $4,999
Sheryl '07 MPH (MCH) and Steven Abrahams
American Diabetes Association
Aqua Research, LLC
David Ballard '83 MD, '84 MSPH (EPID), '91 PhD (EPID) and Michela Caruso, MD
Ed '83 DrPH (BIOS) and Patricia Bryant
Burroughs Wellcome Fund Matching Gifts
Business Connect
Catholic Relief Services
Deniese '90 MPH (HPM) and Edward Chaney
Meghan '13 MBA, '13 MSPH (HPM) and Keith Clithero '10 MAC
Joanna '03 BSPH (HPM) and Matthew Conley '05 PD
$2,500 to $4,999 continued
Leah '79 DDS, '84 MPH (HPM) and Joseph Devlin Jr. '85 DDS
David Dodson, MDiv
Lisa '97 DrPH (BIOS), '91 MS (BIOS) and Brian Dooley
Jo Anne ’74 ScD, and Shelley Earp '70 MD, '72 MS
Bruce ‘74 MPH (PALP), ‘76 DrPH (PALP) and Jo Ann Elliott
George '58 MSSE (ESE) and Mary Elmore
Susan Ennett '87 MSPH (HB), '91 PhD (HB) and Wayne Pein '89 MA
Family Health International 360 - HQ
Fondation Antenna
Foundation for the Carolinas
Andi ’89 BSPH (HPM) and Mike Griffin ’87 BSBA
Joan Huntley* '62 MPH (BIOS), '70 PhD (EPID)
InnovaPrep LLC
Katadyn North America, Inc.
Linda Levitch, PhD and Andy Olshan, PhD
Laura '08 PhD (EPID) and Steve Loehr ’88 BA
Dave '68 BSPT, '76 MPH (HPM) and Patti McRae '72 BSDH, '79 BSN
Mona Moon '88 BSBA, '93 MSPH (HPM)
MSR Global Health
Melissa McPheeters '96 MPH (MCH), '03 PhD (EPID) and Richard Navarre '01 MD
Neogen Corporation
Francine '00 BSPH (HPM) and Rodney Overcash '00 BA
Doug '82 MSENV (ESE) and Cindy Owen
Eric Rosenbaum '82 MSPH (PALP), '84 MBA and Pierre Vallet
RTI International
Sawyer Products, Inc.
Jackie van der Horst Sergent '82 MPH (NUTR) and Herve Sergent
Skat Foundation
Celette '91 PhD (HB) and Michael Skinner
Susan '67 BSN, '75 MPH (MCH) and Allen Spalt
Matt Webb '93 BSPH (HPM) and Pamela Purser '93 BA
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions
Gail Young
Zymo Research Corp

$1,000 to $2,499 
Anonymous (4) 
Mike Aitken, PhD and Betsy Rudolph
  American Online Giving Foundation 
Aramar, Inc. 
Association of North Carolina Boards of Health 
Kathy, PhD and Howard Anderson 
Norma '71 MPH (Public Health Nursing) and James Anderson 
Pat Andrews' 81 MPH (NUTR)     
Nancy Beach ’14 CERT, ’84 BA and Martin Roper 
Beghou Consulting 
Karen Bentley '13 MHA (HPM)    
  Lisa and Tom Bever, JD 
Bill Blackwelder '66 MS, '77 PhD (BIOS)  
Mike Boyd '81 MS (BIOS), '82 PhD (BIOS) and Karen Torgersen 
Mike Boyd ’74 BSBIO, '84 MSPH (ESE)     
Monty Brown '72 DrPH (HPM) '81 JD and Barbara McCool 
Fred '82 MPH (HPM) and Laura Brown 
ScottBrown '95 MPH (HB)     
  Cynthia and William Butler 
Jianwen Cai, PhD and Haibo Zhou 
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Matching Gifts 
Andrew Chow and Louise Gung 
Dennis Clements III ‘89 MPH (EPID), '91 PhD (EPID) and Martha Ann Keels ‘84 DDS, ‘91 PhD (EPID)  
Terri Colangelo '81 MSPH (ESE) and Chad Bushnell 
Joann and Ralph Cook 
David Cooper '84 MSPH (ESE)     
Deborah Covington '96 DRPH (MCH) and Geoffrey Honaker 
Sheri and Gary Cram Jr. 
Glenn and Jill Davies 
Deloitte Foundation Matching Gifts 
Rachael DiSantostefano '93 MS (BIOS), '05 PhD (HPM) and John Manns 
Duke University Health System 
Todd '95 MS (BIOS), '16 PhD (HPM) and Heidi Durham '98 PD 
Howard Eaker '97 MHA (HPM)   
MaryAnn Farthing, RD, PhD 
Edwin and Rutledge Fisher 
Michele Forman '74 MSPH (EPID), ’75 MA, ' 77 PhD (EPID)    
Stuart '92 MS (BIOS) '96 DrPH (BIOS) and Karen Gansky 
Bill ’08 BA and Patsy Gentry 
Jerry '69 MSPH (BIOS) and Eileen Gentry 
Mark and Teresa Gordon 
Karissa and Tom Grasty III 
Susan Gravely '79 MSRA and Bill Ross Jr., JD 
Carolyn, PhD, and Michael Halpern 
Rich '88 MPH (EPID) and Marcie Hammel 
Rosanne and Dennis Hanratty '80 MSPH (HPM)     
David '81 MSPH (ESE) and Karen Harper 
Paula and Randy Harrison 
Carolyn and Alden Hart 
Kay Hawkins '81 MSPH (ESE)     
Carl Henley Jr.* '62 MSPH (BIOS), '71 PhD (BIOS)   
Scott and Elizabeth Hilles 
Elaine '94 MS (BIOS), '98 PhD (BIOS) and Matthew Hoffman 
Deborah '79 MSPH (HPM), '90 PhD (HPM) and Kevin Hopson 
George '76 MS, ‘82 MSPH (BIOS) '87 DrPH (BIOS) and Virginia Howard '82 MSPH (BIOS) 
Sallie Craig '72 MSPH (MCH) and Douglas Huber 
Barbara Hulka, JD, MD 
Jennifer '05 JD, '06 MPH (HPM) and Drew Ierardi 
Jewish Community Foundation of Durham & Chapel Hill 
Rich Kamens '71 MSPH (ESE) and Bobette Eckland 
Ellen Kaplan 
Richard ’81 BSPH (HPM) and Beth Kelly 
Betty Kenan 
Jim and Courtney Kerr 
Alice Ammerman '90 MPH (EPID), '90 DrPH (NUTR), RD and Tom Keyserling '82 MPH (NUTR), MD 
KHA, Inc. 
Jim and Gina Kinard 
Kinder Morgan Foundation Matching Gift 
Emil Klingenfus 
Marcia Koomen '84 MD        
John and Amy Koomen 
$1,000 to $2,499 continued
Michael, PhD and Pamela Kosorok 
Ken '82 PhD (BIOS) and Mary Koury
Lee ‘08 MHA and James Kulesher 
Jan Kylstra and Etta Pisano 
Ken Ladrach '88 MSPH (ESE)     
C.L. Lassiter ’72 ABED 
Tally Lassiter Jr.  '09 MHA (HPM)  
Gregory '80 MSPH (ESE) and Anja Lathan 
Don ’70 PhD (ESE) and Marie Lauria ' 74 MSW 
Lisa '83 PhD (BIOS) and Ben LaVange 
Bradley Layton '10 MSPH (EPID), '12 PhD (EPID) 
Danyu Lin, PhD and Qing Yao 
Molly Loomis '03 MPH (HB)  
Julia MacMillan '81 MPH (BIOS) 
Julia Prince MacMillan Revocable Trust 
James Mann Jr. '82 MSPH (ESE)     
Sandy Martin '88 PhD (EPID) and Larry Kupper '70 PhD 
Robert Martin '77 MPH (PALP) '79 DrPH (PALP) and Ning Chaowanachan 
Craig '72 MSPH (ESE) and Jody Maughan 
Beth Mayer-Davis, PhD and Richard Davis, MD 
Robin and John Maxwell 
Nancy McGee '11 DrPH (HPM)     
Eric McLaughlin 
Paul Meade '10 MPH (PHLP) and Laura Nufire 
Medtronic MiniMed 
Jesse Milan Jr. 
Bill Miller '97 MPH (EPID) and Clara Lee 
Christopher '09 DDS and Kendra Miller 
Beth Moracco ‘92 MPH (HB), '99 PHD (HB)   
Afsaneh Mortazavi '19 MPH (HB)  
Darin ’01 BSPH (HPM), '06 MBA, and Tracy Mullis 
Maryanne Murray '82 MSPH (HPM) and B. Clark 
Todd Nicolet '97 MA and Evan Gatti '98 MA, '05 PHD 
Jim Nix 92 MSENV(ESE)     
Miguel '89 BA and Charlotte Nunez-Wolff '90 BA 
Jean '07 DrPH (BIOS) and Valerie Orelien 
Organic Technolgies 
Edith A. Parker '89 MPH (HB), '95 DRPH (HB) and David J. Cohen 
Todd Peacock '06 BSPH (NUTR) 
George Perkins '88 BSPH (NUTR), '93 MD and Lavinia Middleton 
Bert Peterson 
Rohit Ramaswamy '07 MPH (PHLP)  
David Reckhow '84 PHD (ESE) and Catherine Wanat '83 MSPH (ESE) 
Laura Helms Reece '92 BSBA, '94 MPH (BIOS), '00 DRPH (BIOS) and Charlie Reece '95 JD 
Jonathan Reeser 
Steve and Sue Reeser 
George and Clyda Rent 
Kurt Ribisl, PhD and Erin Adkins  
Tom '70 BA, '78 MPH (HPM), '88 PHD (HPM) and Diana Ricketts '71 BA, '74 JD 
Alan '66 MSSE (ESE) and Linda Rimer 
Grayson Rodgers '83 BSMED, '86 MD 
Mark '71 BA and Karen Rodin 
Mark G. Rodin Trust 
Mike '83 PhD (PALP) '80 MSPH (PALP) and Tammie Rogers 
Natalie '99 BSPH (BIOS), '03 MPH (BIOS) and Matthew Rotelli 
Jo Ann Roth 
Gary '70 DDS, ‘76 MPH (HPM) and Jeanette Rozier 
Patricia Saddier '92 MSPH (EPID), '97 PHD (EPID) 
Akenji Satia 
Jim '76 MSENV (ESE) and Donna Schaefer 
Vic '79 PhD (EPID) '75 MSPH (HB) and Marion Schoenbach '74 MSPH (HPM)   
Ernie '81 DrPH (PALP) '77 MPH (PALP) and Mary Schoenfeld '85 MA 
Kellogg Schwab ’87 BSBIO, ‘91 MS, ’95 PhD (ESE) and Cynthia Zahnow ’95 PhD 
Rina '99 BSPH (HPM) and Bimal Shah '97 BA  
Shell Oil Company Matching Gifts 
Keith Sigel '03 MD, 2003 MPH (PHLP) and Ana Blohm 
Pam Silberman '81 JD, '97 DRPH (HPM) and Jack Holtzman  
Philip Singer, PhD and Ellen Singer 
Electa '93 MPH (HB) and Ellison Smith Jr. '93 MD 
Amir Sohrabi 
A.H. and L.F. Sohrabi Trust 
Melanie '82 BA, '06 CERT and Frank Spencer '82 BA 
Catherine '00 MPH (NUTR) and Frederick Sullivan Jr. 
Nick Sullivan ’07 BA, ’12 MHA (HPM) 
Mary Suther ’71 MPH (Public Health Nursing) and Dean Mergenthaler 
T.J. Sutton '00 BSBIO, '04 MPH (PHLP), '05 MD 
Amy '14 MHA (HPM) and Jeremy Thomas 
David Thomas and Melinda Beck 
Margaret Thomas '00 MHA (HPM)    
Katie Thornsvard '04 MAC 
Russ Toal '76 MPH (HPM)  
Susan Toal '77 MPH (HPM) 
Truth Initiative 
Andrew Tsui '07 JD, '07 MPH (HPM) 
Doug '90 PhD and Anna Marie Tully 
David Turner 
Barbara Tyroler and David Cooper '80 MED, '84 PhD 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (RTP) 
Ana Alvarez Valdepena '12 MHA (HPM) and Jonathan Bachand 
Bob Vollinger '88 MSPH (HPM) 
Dianne Ward 
Brent Wishart ’96 BA and Jeffrey Oberhaus  
Grover '67 MSPH (ESE) and Suzie Wrenn 
Thomas '73 MSPH (BIOS) and Diane '73 MPH (BIOS) Yerg 
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign 
The Gerrard Legacy Society was established to ensure that the University appropriately recognizes alumni and friends who have created their own Carolina Legacy through documented planned gifts. Donors who have made commitments to the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health by June 30, 2019 are recognized below

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Anonymous (9) 
Edith M. Alfano-Sobsey and Mark D. Sobsey 
Lynda Ann Anderson & J. Kenneth Conover 
Marcia Angle & Mark Trustin 
Michael & BarbaraArrighi
David J. Ballard & Michela Caruso 
Edmund Gerald Barron 
Kerrie E. Boyle 
Eunice Brock & Samuel Hays Magill 
Paula Brown Stafford & Gregory Stafford 
Scott Brown
Joseph & Jenifer Haas Carson 
Joan Christison-Lagay 
Doris Funk Cosgrove 
Ronald Gerard Davis & Nancy Louise Davis 
Mario Grazia Fiorilli & Ramona Ann Britt Fiorilli 
Lawrence Love Gellerstedt III & Carol Green Gellerstedt 
Dennis & Mireille Gillings 
Andrea & Michael Griffin 
Jim and Barbara Grizzle 
Priscilla Guild 
John & Fledra Hatch 
Melissa Koch Huemmer & J. Matthew Huemmer 
Joan Cornoni Huntley* 
Jill and Michael Edwin Kafrissen 
Floris E. King 
Rebecca King & Roy Piscitello 
Emil J. Klingenfus 
Gary & Carolyn Koch 
Becky H. Lankenau 
Mary W. Lenard 
Donald Daniel Lisnerski 
Rebecca Leigh Mabe 
James & Mary Merchant 
Thomas R. Morris 
Stephen Allen Morse 
Susanne Moulton & Thomas Wong 
Susan Stoudinger Northcutt 
Margaret McDaniel Parshall* 
Mary Peoples-Sheps & David Sheps 
Barry M. Popkin 
Anne Presnell 
Barbara A. Prillaman 
Barbara K. Rimer 
Mark & Karen Rodin 
Caroline Davis Rourk 
Thomas R. Rykken 
Ruth Ann Shults & Charles Bradley 
Jennifer Smith & Robert Smith 
Reid Tatum 
Russ Toal 
Earl Trevathan Jr.
Joan M. Truby* 
William Tyroler & Barbara Ingram 
Charles M. Weiss* & Shirley F.* Weiss  
John Wiesman & Ted Broussard 


The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health recognizes the generosity of its faculty and staff members who made a gift to the School in fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019). 

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Michael Demilt Aitken
Edwin Robert Alcorn
Carrie Goldsmith Aldrich
Heather Kay Altman
Alice Sue Ammerman
John J.B. Anderson*•
Kathleen D. Anderson
Donna Day Baird
David Joseph Ballard
Melissa S. Bauserman
Nancy Beach
Melinda A. Beck
Margaret E. Bentley
Emily Anton Bobrow
James H. Bowles
J. Michael Bowling•
Edward Foster Brooks•
Fred Taylor Brown Jr.
Paula Brown Stafford
Anne Glauber Cabell
Jianwen Cai
Robert Matthew Cain
Leigh Fleming Callahan
Rachel Canada
Lori Carter-Edwards
Liddy M. Chen
Elizabeth Chen
Guan Pin Chew
Dorothy Cilenti
Kauline S. Cipriani
Rachel Frances Clark
Dennis Alfred Clements III
Joseph A. Cook
Sian L. Curtis
Samuel Cykert
Leah McCall Devlin
Francis A. DiGiano•
Janice M. Dodds•
Nancy Ann Dreyer
Jo Anne L. Earp•
Sara Anne Ephross
Jeffrey Seward Evarts
Lori Ann Turnbull Evarts
Anita M. Farel•
Angelica Mariel Figueroa
Edwin B. Fisher Jr.
Elizabeth A. French
William Bryan Gentry
Jennifer Marie Gierisch
Cynthia Johnson Girman
Penny Gordon-Larsen
Karissa L. Grasty
Sandra Bartholomew Greene
Jennifer Beth Griffin
Carolyn J. Halpern
Melissa Annette Halstead
Lindsey Eleanor Haynes-Maslow
Joan Frances Healy
Jeannine Marie Herrick
Barbara S. Hulka•
Joan Cornoni Huntley*
Jon M. Hussey
George Lee Jackson
Gieira Shaquae Jones
Michele Laura Jonsson Funk
Michael Edwin Kafrissen
Richard Miles Kamens•
Thomas Charles Keyserling
Jung In Kim
William Johnston King III
Emily Elizabeth Kiser
Mary Beth Knight
Gary Grove Koch
Jonathan Bruce Kotch•
Michael R. Kosorok
Lawrence Louis Kupper•
Jennifer Elston Lafata
Donald Thomas Lauria•
Lisa Morrissey LaVange
James Bradley Layton
Sheila Leatherman
Peggy Leatt•
Pamela J. Lee
Alexandra F. Lightfoot
Danyu Lin
Laura Linnan
Julia Prince MacMillan
Lewis Harvey Margolis
Stephen William Marshall
Sandra Lee Martin
Derrick Deshun Matthews
Gerri Lynn Mattson
Elizabeth Jane Mayer-Davis
Beth Boorman McClure
Lauren Ann McCormack
Nancy Mari McGee
Paul Douglas Meade
Benjamin Mason Meier
Larry Douglas Melton II
William Clarence Miller
Jane Holland Monaco
Jennifer Joyce Moore
Alexis Anne Moore
Beth Moracco
Ingrid Hemela Morris
Susanne Glen Moulton
Amy Mullenix
Allison E. Myers
Jessamine Nelson
Shu Wen Wen Ng
Jeffrey John Oberhaus
Andrew F. Olshan
Jean G. Orelien
Kathleen Claire Parry
Laura J. Pearson
Herbert Bryson Peterson
George H. Pink
Barry Michael Popkin
John Stephen Preisser Jr.
Rohit Ramaswamy
Heidi Winn Reynolds
Kurt M. Ribisl
Thomas Cleveland Ricketts III•
Barbara K. Rimer
Tamar Ringel-Kulka
James Hess Rosen
R. Gary Rozier•
Jennie Louise Saia
Anna Pittman Schenck
Victor Julian Schoenbach•
Todd Andrew Schwartz
Marc Laurent Serre
Saame Raza Shaikh
Lucille Pamela Siegel
Pam Cindy Silberman
Jeffrey Antonio Simms
Philip C. Singer•
Celette Sugg Skinner
Penelope Slade-Sawyer
Jason Baker Smith
Paige Hall Smith
Mark D. Sobsey•
William Anthony Sollecito
Paula H. Song
Ilene S. Speizer
John William Stanback
Jill Rene Stewart
Melanie L. Studer
Til Hans Stürmer
Sharon Eillen Sullivan
Catherine Sposito Sullivan
Sarah Brill Thach
Harsha Thirumurthy
Margaret Shaw Thomas
Amy Belflower Thomas
Kathryn A. Thornsvard
Karla A. Townley-Tilson
Kimberly Parker Truesdale
Craig David Turnbull Sr.•
Seteena Laura - Eliza Turner
Barbara Jo Turpin
Naya Eliza Villarreal
Anna Estelle Waller
Dianne Stanton Ward
Stephanie N. Watson-Grant
Morris Weinberger
Stephanie B. Wheeler
John Wiesman
Deanna Christine Wilkie
J. Brent Wishart
David A. Wohl
Steven H. Zeisel
Haibo Zhou

• Retired/Emeritus faculty member

The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health recognizes the generosity of its donors who made a tribute gift to the School in fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019). 

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In memory of Mr. Richard A. Ainsworth
Margaret Ellen Rowan and Richard Arthur Ainsworth

In memory of Ms. Margaret Renegar Barile
Suzy and John Barile

In honor of Mrs. Lindsay Bever Breithaupt
Thomas and Lisa Bever

In memory of Dr. John Cassel
Richard Allan Carter

In memory of Dr. Mary Cristina Condit
Sally Lynn Liska

In honor of Mr. Christopher A. Cortina
Sally and Jose Cortina

In honor of Dr. Janice Dodds
Ellen Diane Habermacher

In honor of Dr. Jo Anne Earp
Martha Jeanne Monnett

In honor of Dr. Jo Anne Earp
Laura J. Pearson

In honor of Dr. Jo Anne Earp
Sheldon and Tracy Retchin

In honor of Edward Ellis
Vic and Marion Schoenbach

In memory of Dr. Michael C. Griffiths
Jeffery A. Hunter

In memory of Ms. Crystal Nkemjika Ibe
Chris and Patty Salmi

In memory of Dr. William Carter Jenkins
Lumbe' Kibebe Davis

In honor of Mr. Miles Jones
Suzanne Elizabeth Eaton-Jones

In honor of Dr. Gary and Carolyn Koch
Barbara K. Rimer and Bernard Glassman

In memory of Anne Landau
Gerri Lynn and Mark Mattson

In honor of Ms. Sarah T. Manfred
William Benson Sheally, Jr.

In memory of Clint Martin
Mary F. Butler

In memory of Dr. Henry Tyrus Miller
Barbetha R. Miller

In honor of Dr. Lewis Harvey Margolis
Carrie Goldsmith Aldrich
Susan Carroll
Sian and Gary Curtis
Janice M. Dodds
Anna Kathleen Humble Freeman
Anita and Paul Farel
Priscilla Alden Guild
Rebecca G. Greenleaf
Carolyn and Michael Halpern
Jeannine and Damian Herrick
Jon M. Hussey and Bonita Iritani
Jonathan and Anne Kotch
Lynn Koss Knauff
Amy Mullenix
Kathleen Claire Parry
Joanna Veronica Percher
Lisa Lewis Perry
Rhonda Gail Plaisance
Joanna Veronica Percher
Lisa Lewis Perry
Ilene S. Speizer
In memory of Ms. Eleanor Hope Newell Maynard
Suzy Maynard Barile and John Barile

In memory of Kristie McFarling
Carolyn and Michael Halpern

In memory of Dr. Naomi Minner Morris
Jonathan and Anne Kotch

In honor of Ms. Bernice Green Otudeko
Vic and Marion Schoenbach

In honor of Dr. George Pink
Eric McLaughlin

In honor of Dr. Barry Popkin’s 75th Birthday
Steven and Susan Zeisel

In memory of Dr. George B. Rabinowitz
Ellen Brauer Kaplan

In honor of Dr. Barbara K. Rimer
Susan Tompkins Ennett and Wayne Edward Pein

In honor of Dr. Victor J. Schoenbach
Francine and Jay Jupiter

In honor of Dr. Pranab Kumar Sen
Karen E. Torgersen and Michael Neal Boyd

In memory of Mrs. Altyngul Serbegeeva
Venera Urbaeva

In honor of Dr. Mark D. Sobsey
Marshall L. Hyatt

In memory of Ms. Myrna Goldstein Sproul
Terri Ann Colangelo

In honor of Dr. Rachel Humphries Stevens
Diane Whitworth McGee and Douglas R. Stevens

In memory of Dick Taylor
Robert and Joan Spirtas

In honor of Dr. Craig Turnbull
Karen E. Torgersen and Michael Neal Boyd

In memory of Dr. Robert D. Verhalen
Joseph and Stella Lansing

In memory of Dr. Katherine Wildman
Gordon Berry and Mary Hynes-Berry

In honor of Mr. Thomas Williams Wright
In honor of Ms. Marilyn M. Wright
Jean and Jon Gaugh

In memory of Dr. Chen-yu Yen
Vivian C. Banks
Yee-Ho Chia
Lin Liang
Le-Ming Shih and Tian-Li Wang
George Wang
Mrs. Sue Yang

In memory of Laurel Zaks
Jason David Zaks

In honor of Dr. William Zelman
Jeffrey and Susan Small