December 1, 2014

Connect, engage, invest

The donors profiled in the following pages have chosen to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime effort, championed by alumni leaders, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of UNC’s public health school. Bolstering scholarships and enhancing faculty support are prime objectives of the campaign but there are many ways to participate.


  • Go online to and update your listing in the online directory.
  • Call the School’s advancement staff at 919.966.0198, and provide us with your contact information for work and home.
  • Email any updates to


We are hosting events for alumni and friends across the country throughout 2015. Watch for email announcements and postcards about events in your area. We hope to see you and your classmates!

For more information about the School’s anniversary events, please see


We have special giving opportunities for recent graduates and for the Rosenau Society (see bottom of this article) to honor our 75th anniversary.

We invite you to invest in our mission — to improve public health, promote individual well-being
and eliminate health disparities across N.C. and around the world — by:

  • Making a gift online at
  • Speaking to someone in the School’s advancement office by calling 919.966.0198
  • Mailing a check, payable to the Public Health Foundation, to:
    Public Health Foundation
    P.O. Box 309, Chapel Hill NC 27514-0309

Gillings School of Global Public Health
Honor roll of donors and partners
July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

We are honored to recognize and thank the following alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students and organizations for their dedication and generosity to the School during fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014).

$1,000,000 and above
Columbia University
Dennis and Mireille Gillings

$500,000 to $999,999
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Merck & Company
Nestec Inc.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

$250,000 to $499,999
American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation
American Heart Association
Baylor College of Medicine
Eisai Research Institute
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
North Carolina State University
Plan International USA
Barry M. Popkin
University of Washington
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

$100,000 to $249,999
Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.C. Foundation
Child and Parent Support Services
Children’s Hospital of Boston
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Dole Food Company Inc.
Duke University Corporate Accounts
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
John Rex Endowment
Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
N.C. Association of Local Health Directors
Penn State University
RTI International
TK Holdings Inc.
University of Michigan
University of Minnesota
University of Southern California
University of Texas at Austin
Washington University at St. Louis
World Vision

$50,000 to $99,999
AccessCare Inc.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
American Heart Association Mid-Atlantic
American Institute for Cancer Research
Laura & Fred Brown
Brown University
CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council
Centers for Disease Control Foundation
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Chester W. & Joy A. Douglass
Duke University Medical Center
Electric Power Research Institute
Engility Corporation
Jackson Medical Mall Foundation
Johns Hopkins University
Jill & Michael Edwin Kafrissen
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
North Carolina Central University Foundation Inc.
Research Foundation for Health and Environmental Effects
Right to Care
Rockefeller Foundation
Schering-Plough Research Institute
The COPD Foundation
The Kenneth S. Warren Institute
Trovagene Inc.
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Wisconsin at Madison
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Water Resources Research Institute

$25,000 to $49,999
American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network
Boston University
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
CVR Global Inc.
Dauer Family Foundation
Denka Seiken
Diane E. Medcalf Living Trust
Nancy Ann Dreyer
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Henry M. Jackson Foundation
Donna Ireland & Kathy Ireland
Gary G. & Carolyn J. Koch
Kybele Inc.
Ralph & Diane Medcalf
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust Inc.
Ohio State University
Omnyx LLC
Oregon Research Institute
Otsuka Maryland Medicinal Lab Inc.
Sanofi Pasteur U.S. Inc.
Mark D. Sobsey
Paula B. & Gregory W. Stafford
Stanley Medical Research Institute
UCB BioSciences Inc.
UCLA Biomedical Research Institute
United Health Foundation
United Therapeutics
University of Cape Town
Vinyl Acetate Council
Wake Forest University
Wallace Genetic Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank, Wealth Management Group

$10,000 to $24,999
Sheryl Wallin Abrahams & Steven Abrahams
…..In memory of Dr. E. Michael Foster
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Allergan Sales LLC
American Academy of Pediatrics
Marcia Angle & Mark Trustin
Arena Pharmaceuticals
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP – U.S.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.C. Foundation
British Counsel Collaborative Development Award
Eunice M. Brock & Samuel Hays Magill
Carolinas Healthcare System
David J. Ballard & Michela Caruso
Case Western Reserve University
Celgene Corporation
Chelsea Therapeutics
CoDa Therapeutics Inc.
Cytokinetics Inc.
Elcelyx Therapeutics Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation
FibroGen Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Edwin B. Fisher
Forest Research Institute
Foundation For Gynecologic Oncology
Futures Group Global Inc.
Galderma Research & Development Inc.
Gilead Sciences
Granville-Vance (N.C) District Health Department
Priscilla Guild
Health & Technology Vector Inc.
InterMune Inc.
Esther Maria John
Johnson & Johnson
Krell Institute
Mary S. Thompson Trust
Maryland Association of County Health Officers
Medivation Inc.
Millennium Institute
Momentum Research
Mylan Inc.
James Edward Nix
Douglas Martin Owen
Pfizer Inc.
Pharmacyclics Inc.
PTC Therapeutics Inc.
Barbara K. Rimer & Bernard Glassman
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Ruth Ann Shults & Charles T. Bradley
Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Sloan-Kettering Institute
Susan G. Komen for the Cure – N.C. Triangle
Theravance Inc.
Transtech Pharma Inc.
Triangle Community Foundation
University of California at Berkeley
University of California at San Francisco
University of Maryland at Baltimore
University of South Carolina
Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.
World Society for the Protection of Animals World
Wildlife Fund Inc.

$5,000 to $9,999
Aramar Inc.
H. Michael & Barbara Arrighi
Delton Atkinson & Sherry Holbrook-Atkinson
Deborah Elizabeth Bender & John F. Curry
Denise Smith Cline
Collegiate Capital Management Inc.
Joan H. Gillings
Cynthia Girman
Sandra B. Greene
Geraldine G. Guess
Jo Eaddy & Gerardo Heiss
Jennifer & Don Holzworth
Hydro Research Foundation
International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials
Betty Kenan
Anne & Jonathan Kotch
Miriam Labbok
Merck & Company Inc.
Mona Marie Moon
Susanne Glen Moulton & Thomas K. Wong
Navigate Cancer Foundation
Jonathan C. Reeser
…..In memory of Ms. Cynthia Kay Reeser
Steven & Susan Reeser
…..In memory of Ms. Cynthia Kay Reeser
Virginia & John Sall
Anna Pittman Schenck & James Simpson Schenck IV
William Thomas Small Jr.
William A. & Michele A. Sollecito
Donna Bigham & Joel Leslie Storrow
William & Dorothy Swartz
William J. Tyroler & Barbara Ingram
…..In memory of Dr. Herman Alfred Tyroler
Louise & Derek Winstanly

$2,500 to $4,999
John & Hattie Aderholdt
Mike Aitken & Betsy Rudolph
American Legacy Foundation
Sterling Wilson Bell
Antonio S. & Mary Fox Braithwaite
Patricia W. & Edward Carroll Bryant
Edward Fadel
Peggy & Cam Glenn
Kristen & Robert Greczyn Jr.
Andrea & Michael Griffin
Health Career Connection
Deborah Parham Hopson
IBM Corporation
Marta Johnson
Kathleen A. Kaney
Sheila Leatherman
Hong Li
Maylon & Linda West Little
Mark H. & Terese S. Merrill
MetLife Foundation
Sarah Taylor Morrow
Stephen Allen Morse
Dara Lee Murphy
Jeanenne Little Nelson
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
NSF International
Plan USA
ProCleanse LLC
James K. & Donna Schaefer
Jacqueline vdH Sergent & Hervé Olivier Sergent
Anna Maria Siega-Riz
Ilene C. Siegler & Charles Edelman Allen & Susan Willey Spalt
…..In honor of Dr. Kristen Swanson
Senthil Sundaram & Cheri Hansen-Sundaram
Takata Americas
The Minneapolis Foundation
Lydia Lansangan Tiosejo
…..In honor of Dr. Norman F. Weatherly
UNC Hospitals
United States Agency for International Development
Vestergaard Frandsen Inc.
Chen-yu Yen & Ray-Whay Yen

$1,000 to $2,499
American Chemical Society
Alice Ammerman & Tom Keyserling
Kathy Anderson
Lynda Ann Anderson & J. Kenneth Conover
…..In honor of Dr. Brenda M. DeVellis
…..In honor of Dr. Robert F. DeVellis
Association of N.C. Boards of Health
Rye & Tracy Barcott
Barbara Anne Barr
Jamie Bartram & Jane Bailey
Peggy Bentley
Gary Sterling Berger
Lisa & Thomas Bever
…..In honor of Mrs. Lindsay Bever Breithaupt
Biogen Idec Inc.
Michael A. Boyd
Bristol-Myers Squibb
LaMont & Nikki Bryant
Jianwen Cai & Haibo Zhou
Carolina Trust
Ward Cates & Joan Roberts Cates
…..In honor of Barbara Rimer
Ching Kuang Chen
Myron S. Cohen & Gail Henderson
Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
Joanne C. & Ralph R. Cook
David E. Cooper
David Herman Cooper & Barbara Jean Tyroler
Francoise M. Cornet
Stephen Couch
Deborah L. Covington
Lisa & Trey Crabb
Michael Cucchiara & Marty Hayes
Gordon Lacy Daughtry
Clarence E. Davis Jr. & Sherrilyn E. Davis
Richard M. Davis & Beth Mayer-Davis
James Ingram & Alice Morrow Dean
Leah McCall Devlin
…..In honor of Barbara Rimer
David Dodson
Duke Energy Corporation
Jo Anne & Shelley Earp
Edward P. Ehlinger
Dan Elliott & Jeanne Stahl
Mary & George Elmore
Susan Ennett & Wayne Pein
Sara Anne Ephross & David S. Rubenstein
MaryAnn Cross Farthing
Susan K. Forsgard
Elizabeth A. French
Leslie & Philip Gura
Angelique H. Habis
Richard Hammel
Rosanne & Dennis Hanratty
Karen & David Harper
Paula & William Harrison
Harry Leon Lobsenz Foundation
Carolyn C. Hart
Hazen and Sawyer P.C.
James R. Hendricks
Jean & Seth Hetherington
Suzanne Havala Hobbs
Sallie Craig Huber
Barbara & Jerry Hulka
Peter B. Imrey
Thomas V. Jones
Michelle Crozier Kegler
Richard Dale Kelly & Beth F. Kelly
James D. & Virginia Midgett Kinard
Charles Wayne Kinsey
Emil J. Klingenfus
Pamela & Michael Kosorok
Jan A. Kylstra & Etta D. Pisano
Patricia Elaine Lally
CL Lassiter
Tally E. Lassiter
Marie & Don Lauria
Margaret Edith Layne
Clara Lee & Bill Miller
Danyu Lin
Molly Loomis
Leslie Lytle
Julia P. MacMillan
James H. Mann
Sandra Martin & Larry Kupper
Danita McAllister
John & Mary Ellen McGuire
Jesse Milan Jr.
Alan C. Moore
F. Paul Morrow
John Howard & Suzanne C. Morrow
Thomas L. & Susan C. Morrow
Cheryl Allen Moyer
Timothy Mukoda
Mary Anne Murray
Charlotte & Miguel Nuñez-Wolff
Jeffrey Oberhaus & Brent Wishart
James P. O’Connell
Mary Norris Preyer & H. Patrick Oglesby
Casey & Timothy Okabayaski
Andrew Olshan & Linda Levitch
William Kevin O’Neil
Leonard Oppenheimer
Edith Ann Parker
John Edward & Jill Jackson Paul
Mary Peoples-Sheps & David Sheps
Lynne Morrow Perrin
David Pesci
Herbert B. Peterson
Piedmont Financial Trust Company
Rebecca King & Roy Piscitello
Maura Smith Rampolla
Rebecca Raymond & Michael Stangl
Laura Helms Reece & Charles Edwin Reece
Mark & Karen Rodin
Georgia de La Cruz Rogers
Michael Rogers & Elise Lindsey
Jennifer & Jimmy Rosen
Jo Ann L. Roth
R. Gary & Jeanette Rozier
Patricia D. Saddier
Linda Martin Sanders & Brian O. Sanders
Andrew M. Schoenbach & Daryl W. Kade
…..In honor of Dr. Victor J. Schoenbach
Victor & Marion Schoenbach
…..In honor of Ms. Nancy L. Colvin
…..In honor of Ms. Victoria L. Moore
…..In memory of Rosa Williamson Small
Ernest & Mary Margaret Strom Schoenfeld
Christopher Roman Schulz SciMetrika
Gladys Siegel
Charletta Sims Evans & Darrin Evans
David Steffen & Jill Kerr
Strata Solar LLC
Bryan M. Sung
Sandra & James Swenberg
Russ Toal
John C. Triplett & Diane S. Hibino
David Marc Turner
Robert E. Vollinger Jr.
Howard M. Walters
Dianne Stanton Ward
Wells Fargo Foundation
Alice D. White
Markus & Cathy Wilhelm
Jack Eugene Wilson
Diane & Thomas Yerg
Gail Young

$500 to $999
Jefferson Irwin & Kathleen Munro Adams
Eddie Alcorn
…..In honor of Dr. William Zelman
…..In memory of Lowell Alcorn
Amgen PAC
Dale Page Armstrong
Nikita Arya
Susan Shearer & Douglas K. Atkinson
Stephen Charles Ayala
Eileen Danielle Barrett
Gordon Berry & Mary Hynes-Berry
BioGX Inc.
William Cudd Blackwelder
Douglas Donaldson & Kathy Rascoe Bradham
Lynda & Scott Bryant-Comstock
David Wayne Campbell
Stacy-Ann Christian
Coca-Cola Foundation
Terri Ann Colangelo
J. E. Coleman
…..In honor of Ms. Jennifer Edmonds
Elizabeth Curtis & Joseph A. Cook
Barbara & Paul Coughlin
E. Stewart & Susan Kohler Crumpler
Deloitte & Touche
Dow Corning Corporation
William Bruce Dowbiggin
Charles Perry Dunbar
Brenda Kay Edwards
Brian K. Ellerby
Laurel Ann Files
Foundation for the Carolinas
Elizabeth Ann Franko
Stuart & Karen Gansky
Jerry Gray Gentry
David Allan Green
Kerry Brent Hafner
Robert Lee Hines
Omar Snowden Hopkins & Teresa Marie Savarino
Heather & Joshua Horne
George & Virginia Howard
…..In honor of Melissa Hobgood
Jonathan V. James
Mary Ellen James
William H. Joyner Jr. & Mary Brenda Joyner
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Kenneth Joseph & Mary Lou Koury
Ken Ladrach
Mauricio Larenas
Clarence Matthews Lee
Carol Christine Leininger
Catherine Rowland Liemohn
Douglas S. Lloyd
Yu Lou
Erma Wright Manoncourt & Serge Manoncourt
Mark G. Rodin Trust
Stephen William Marshall & Anna Estelle Waller
Marian Patricia Mehegan
…..In honor of Dr. Gary Rozier
John & Georgia Meyers
…..In honor of Mr. Matthew Hamilton Meyers
Xumin Nie & Ming Zhong
John William Ogle III
Nanci M. Pedulla
Pfizer Foundation
George H. Pink & Peggy Leatt Graydon
O. Pleasants Jr. & Margaret B. Scales
PrepSuccess LLC
Procter & Gamble
Xiang Qin
Ardith Jane Regdon
Kurt M. Ribisl & Erin Adkins
Charles Eric Rodes & Tina Belmaggio
John Spotswood & Kelley D. Russell
Christopher J. & Laura Shellen Sandt
Nancy Santanello
…..In memory of Dr. Harry Guess
Michael Gerard Schell
Frederick William & Carolyn Miller Sexton
Rina Khemlani Shah & Bimal Ramesh Shah
Jeffrey Simms
Ellison Leon Smith Jr. & Electa Alexander Smith
Jason Baker & Paige Hall Smith
Steven & Sylvia Snapinn
Frank & Melanie Davis Spencer
Paul Edward Stang & Wendy Liebling
Betsy Kidd Starling
…..In honor of Ms. Alison Starling
State Employees’ Combined Campaign
Rachel Humphries Stevens
Suez Environnement
Tamaurus Jerome Sutton
John Henry Sweitzer
David Gordon & Jeanie Driver Taylor
The Winston-Salem Foundation
Katie Thornsvard
Vanessa Rommelmann & Richard Eugene Thorsten
Jane Therese Osterhaus & Raymond John Townsend
G. Earl Trevathan Jr.
Vani Vannappagari
…..In memory of Bob Millikan
Vidant Health
Richard Allen Vinroot Jr.
Martha Wilkinson Waller
Fredrick Seymour Whaley
John Wiesman & Ted Broussard
Anita Gaunitz & Richard Vance Wolfenden
Leslie Brown Wood
Grover Cleveland Wrenn Jr.
Beverly Ann Young
Thomas Wade Young & Kristen Lucille Gooch
Dean Zehnder & Andrea K. Biddle
Jun-Guo Zhao

$250 to $499
Anonymous (2)
Barbara Vineyard Alexander
David O. Amuda & Michol Dawson
A. John Bailer & Jennifer Faris-Bailer
Edmund Gerald Barron
Sheri Ruth Bates
Suzanne Feikema & Scott Beeler
Douglas Alan Bell
Stephen A. & Shulamit Landau Bernard
Jay Michael Bernhardt
Emily Trexler Blair
Alvin Coleman Blalock III & Catherine Bahen Blalock
Lynn W. Blanchard
Blue Ridge Healthcare
Michael N. Boyd
Emily Suzanne Brouwer
Gail Rose Brown
Sharon Campbell
Daniel Jonathan Caplan
Joseph D. & Jenifer Haas
Carson Deniese May & Edward Larrette Chaney
Robert Glen Clawson Jr. & Helen Ehrhardt Clawson
Coastal Community Foundation of S.C.
Jean Marie Colthurst
Patrick Comerford
…..In memory of Mrs. Eileene O’Neill Comerford
Nancy Bosworth Crutchfield
Michael James Dziamba
Jeffrey P. Engel
Cheryl Homzak & Dennis Lyn Ewald
Barbara J. Fleck
Evelyn Joyce Glass
Anne Lynam & Andrews Goddard
G. Jay Graepel
Markell Edwin Hardaway
Joan Frances Healy
Sharon L. Heinrich
…..In honor of Dr. Jo Anne Earp
…..In honor of Dr. John Hatch
Angie Hemingway
Marybeth Hendricks-Matthews & Michael Boyd Matthews
Richard H. & Judith Holmes
Christina A. Hoover
Denise Kathryn Houston
Hilary Louise Isacson
Baxter Lee Jones
Karen Sue Kaeberle
Joseph Francis Kanney
Linda Marie Kaste
Donna Gayle King
Denise Duhamel Kreb
Jennifer Elston Lafata
Michele Cherry Larson
Robert Eric Larson
Catherine Edwards Lawler & Andrew James Lawler
Sheri Johnson Lawrence
David Ernest Layland
Kelvin K. Lee
Selene Oslak LeGare
Karen Elizabeth Libby
Sally Lynn Liska
M & E Sage LLC
Susan Simmons MacLean
Katie Massey
Monte William & Marsha Ann Smith Masten
Craig Stephen Maughan
William Sheffield McCoy
Evelyn J. McKee
Heather Frances McNamara
Timothy Lee McNeill & Kimberly Herring McNeill
McNeill Law Offices PLLC BDA RTP Law
Melissa Lynn McPheeters & J. Richard Navarre
Philip Keith Mitchell
Hal Morgenstern & Lourdes Calvo
Janet Mullaney
Mary H. Mundt
Leila Mureebe
Erin Marie Nichols
Raymond Joseph Nierstedt
Donald Leigh Oberlin & Mary Mullins Oberlin
Anne Townsend Overman
Karl Michael Owen
Zoe Henderson Parker
Marcus George Plescia & Ruth Ann Grissom
Lewis William Pollack
John Stephen Preisser Jr. & Lisa Marie Carmichael
Robert Martin Quillin
David Alan Reckhow & Catherine Grace Wanat
Sheldon Michael & Tracy Nanette Retchin
Thomas Cleveland Ricketts III & Diana Evans Ricketts
Thomas Andrew Ridgik
Irving I. Rimer
Joan Siefert Rose & James A. Rose V
Michael Carl Sachtleben
Michael J. Sage
Susan Marie Sanders
Shell Oil Company
Robert James Shimp
Alan James Smith
Fraser B. Smith
Mary Lewis Smith
C. Jean Spratt
Jane Patricia Staveley
Anna Harris Stein
Maura Ellen Stokes
G. William Strein
Susan E. Strunk
Lauren Thie & Keisha Myrick
…..In memory of Dr. Gary J. Mihlan
Katrina Foss Trivers
Joel Ellison Vickers
John Navin & Julia McGovern Voyzey
Morris & Jane Weinberger
Deborah Marie Winn
Bin Zou

$100 to $249
Anonymous (4)
Grace Nweke Akhilele
Jean Elizabeth Alexander
M. Taylor Alexander Jr.
Nathan Trevor Allcott & Mary MacKenzie
…..In honor of Ms. Julia Stephanie Allcott
Alexandra Elise Almeter
Ana Lilia Alvarez Valdepena
John J. B. Anderson & Betsey Anderson
Terry P. Anderson
Bryan Andregg & Rachel Penniman
Richard Allan Aronson
Dennis Roy & Elizabeth Livengood Ayers
Oscar R. Aylor
Shamara Baidoobonso
Irene Margaret Baird
Miriam Parke Balding
June Beth Baptist
…..In honor of Mr. Jack Eugene Wilson
Maria Morgan Barbour
C. W. Bartholomai
Bonnie A. Bass
Sherry Lynn Bayliff
Kristen Beam & Daniel
Philip Beavers
Bruce Anthony Behringer
Eleanor Dolen & Willard K. Bentz
Christopher Douglas Bergsten
D. Mark & Maira Billings
Parag Birla
Aaron Earl Blair
Marvin J. & Shirley K. Block
Heidemarie W. & Harold P. Boas
Stephen Paul Bogdewic & Elizabeth Anne Lee
David Borasky
James Henry Borchardt
Aleta Alyce Borrud & James Young Findlay
Ronald Walter & Estelle Bousquet
Helen Boussios & Marc Jacobs
Rebekah Sue Bowden
James H. Bowles
Frank O. Bowman Jr. & Mary Ruth Davis Bowman
Jo Ellen Brandmeyer
William Pew Brandon Jr.
Steven John Bredehoeft & Gail Wood Bredehoeft
Jay Thomas Briley
Michael Edward Brisson
Margaret Dodd Britton
Elizabeth Weld Brown
Charles Ross Buck
Brenda Buescher
Jesse Alphonso Buie
John Gilbert Buie Jr. & Mary Green Buie
Karin Kristin Bultman
Suzanne Kathryn Burlone
Ann Edwards Burruss
Elizabeth Doan Bushell
Victor Marcial Caceres
Muge Gucsavas & Ali Suha Calikoglu
Leigh Fleming Callahan
Shirley Elizabeth Callahan
Jolynne Campbell
Robert Frederick Campbell
Margaret McCleary Cannon
Carey McGinnis Capell
Robert Francis Cappel Jr.
Juan Fernandez Carvajal & Suzanne Green Carvajal
Jillian Sheridan Casey
I-Jen Pan Castle
D. Gregory & Knox Polk Chadwick
Hsing-Yi Chang
Shengder David & Shiou-Ling Jiang Chang
Michael Tsu-Lin Chen
Andrea Lynne Cherrington
Robert Leon Chessin
Chevron Corporation
Mun Hui Chia
Joan Christison-Lagay
Dorothy Cilenti
John C. & Sue A. Clark
Kathryn Clark
Lawrence Michael Clark
J. Steven & Catherine Sykes Cline
Pamela Clitherow
W. Gerald Cochran
Anne Smith & Joseph Lawrence Cole
Arthur Collier III & Phyllis Lehman Collier
David Graham Collins
Basil Gust Constantelos
Lewis Selkirk Coonley Jr. &  Linda Murphy Coonley
Emily Rose Miller Cooper
Donna Lynne Cragle & Barry Russell Fernandez
Eleanor Alene Crocker
Allison Park Crouch
Kathy Teer Crumpler
Anthony W. Cummings
Marla DeLuca Curran
Amy Faline Davenport & James Jason West
Allie Culler Davis
Edith Maye Davis
Ronald Gerard & Nancy Louise Davis
Edna Delores Davis-Brown
Claude Victor Deal Jr.
Catherine Beth Decker
Clifford Earl Decker Jr. & Alice Ragland Decker
Carrie Anne Delcomyn
Gregory Vladimir deLissovoy
Betty Pierce Dennis
Claudia Helena Ma DeOliveira
Angela Marie DeVeaugh-Geiss
Guoqing Diao
Linda Webster Dicker
Jamie Thomas Dilweg
Robert Arthur Diseker
Kimon Divaris
Sarah L. Dodson
Karl Maximilian Doetsch
Joseph M. Doherty
Leigh E. Doptis
Tracy Davida Dowdy
Anne M. & Stephen M. Downs
Eric J. Duell
Samuel Albert Duletsky
Lauren Elizabeth Eades
Robert O. Earl II
Melinda Eaton
Suzanne Elizabeth Eaton-Jones
Monty C. Eberhart
…..In memory of Dr. Gary J. Mihlan
Bobette S. Eckland
Charles Jackson Egli
…..In memory of Mary Trustdorf Egli
Elizabeth Chapman Eller
Lorraine Elliott & Diego Naranjo
Margaret Hilda Elliott & James Henry Elliott
Sherine Mahfouz Ham El-Toukhy Alice Ross Ely
Sharon Ellen Epstein
Paul Campbell Erwin & Renee Hyatt
Lori Ann Turnbull Evarts & Jeffrey Seward Evarts
Leo Fishel III
Edwin B. Fisher
Kevin Michael Fitzpatrick
Terry Lynn Flanagan
Kristie Long Foley
Theresa A. & Kevin Patrick Foley
Nancy Bunch Foreman
Mark Stephen Forshag
George Brennan Fox
Margaret A. Franckhauser
Bernard Vincent Franko III & Edna Brewbaker Franko
Jean Fyfe Franzoso
Daniel Herbert Freeman Jr.
Alexandra Steiner French
Evan T. Friend
Robinson Fulwood
Nancy Hall Gabianelli
Patricia Natzke Gadow
Joyce M. Gallimore
George Arthur Garland
Tanya Jean Gatenby
Bruce Gary Gellin
General Electric Company
Nancy O’Pry Gentry
Mary Beth Russin Gilboy
Constance Glasby
Nick Joseph & Daryl Gonchoroff
Opal Goodridge
Ishwar & Penny Gopich
Susan Cohen Gower
C. Montrose Graham Jr.
Kathleen Marie Gray
Sandra Winn Green
Brian Huger Greene Jr.
Carolyn Grisham Greene*
Gregory B. Davis Foundation
Thomas Seth Grogan Jr.
Ajay Gupta
Alison Gustafson
Catherine Ann Gutmann
Raymond William Hackney Jr.
Tricia Hahn
Anne Marie & Paul Andrew Hakenewerth
Colleen Elizabeth Haller
Herbert J. Hames Jr.
Barbara Norton Hamilton
Tom Handzel
Jean Harris Hanson
Lucy Hardison
Heidi Anne Harkins
William Robert Harlan III
J. Bruce & Beverly Harstad
Catherine Marie Hawk
Caroline Haynes
Melissa Dawn Hearsch
Gene Albert Heath
Cynthia Stewart Heatherly
Karin Janet Hemmingsen
Marcia Herman-Giddens
Maureen Ann Hess
Avis Hernwall High
William C. Hilles
…..In memory of Mr. William Henry Simpson
Ruth Linder & Martin Patterson Hines
Kenneth William Hoffner Jr. & Jeanne Cardi Hoffner
Elizabeth Farris & Edward Olin Holloway
Richard Lawrence Holmes
David Bruce Holstein
William Edward Homovec
Amelia Dale Horne
Brian David Horvath
Annie Green Howard
…..In honor of Melissa Hobgood
Penelope Page Howards
Lory Thompson Huffman
Barbara Ann Hughes
Vernon Brock Hunt
Jon M. Hussey
Marshall L. Hyatt
Deborah Anne Hyland
Timothy James Iafolla
C. Christopher Idol & Marion Wilson Idol
Johanna Serletis Irving
Robbin F. Itzler
Alexander M. Jackson
Michael Bradley Jacobs
James Joseph Jetter
Marc Allan Jeuland & Shu W. Ng
Elmer Marcus Johnson
Susan McInerney Johnson & William Johnson
Theodore Michael Johnson III & Susan Paul Johnson
Harvey Duane Jones
James Amos Jones
Wanda Kaye Jones
Francine Katz Jupiter
Richard Miles Kamens
Janis Gail Kaufman
Julie Armor Kaull
Ellen Marie Kendall
Kathy Irene Kennedy
Brian Paul & Teresa Kilgallen
Young & Esther Kim
Ryan Scott Kingsbury & Katherine Beall
J. David Kirby
Jane McManus Kirk
Judy Clem Klaas & John Klaas II
Matthew Allen & Lilin Macapayag Koch
Keith Eric & Sara Saberi Kocher
Rebecca Ann Kohler
Ashley Merrill Kranz & Nicholas Bernard DeFelice
Stephen Bennett Kritchevsky
N. Scott Kukshtel
James Albert Lalumandier
Frank Warren Lambert Jr.
Megan Ellenson Landfried
…..In honor of HB Staff
Lisa F. Langhaug
…..In memory of Dr. Katherine Wildman
Ira Laster Jr.
Paul Thomas Lauria
…..In honor of Dr. Don Lauria
Kerry Lamont Lee
Soong Hyun Lee
James Robert Leserman
Steven Marc & Barcey Thurston Levy
Clarence Carter Lewis III & Yalonda Roshell Lewis
Geraldine Spitzer Lewis
Hanford H. Lin
Henry N. Lin
Anne Marie Lipscomb
Stuart Roger Lipsitz
Gary Bruce Lipton
Donald Daniel Lisnerski
Charles Elroy Llewellyn III & Deborah Bowen Llewellyn
Cheryl Marvileane Locklear
Vanna Lombardi-Gillies
John Jenkins Lonergan
Margaret A. Lucking
Gheorghe Luta & Anca Dana Dragomir
Stacy Racine Lynch
Thomas & Deborah Lynd
Allen Martin Mabry
Douglas Ronald MacLeod*
Kathryn Marley Magruder
Khalil Hosny & Patricia Worley Mancy
Kristina Marada
Lewis Harvey Margolis & Linda Frankel
…..In honor of Ms. Sheryl J. Rhodes
Meera Tina Markanda
Edwin Cochran Marshall
Christopher Sargent & Caroline Rowe Martens
Patrick Martin
Werner & Susan Martin
Randall Brett Marx
Timothy & Pradhana Mastro
Gerri Lynn & Mark Mattson
Dianna C. & Jeffrey P. Mazza
M. Timothy & Katherine Carlton McAdams
Margaret Ellen Floyd McCann
Nancy E. McCarroll
Thomas Joseph McCarthy III
Kimberly L. McCombs-Thornton & Peter Austin Thornton
Anne Sheldon McCook
Lauren Ann McCormack
Mary Elizabeth McCutchen & David Francis Utterback
Leslie Jane McGeorge
Margaret Crouse McGrath
McKesson Foundation
Carolyn Elizabeth McLaurin
Paul Douglas Meade
Robert E. Mecklenburg
Joanne Megna-Wallace & Arthur Thomas Wallace Jr.
Leena A. Mehta & Ash Mehta
Anne Ruth Meibohm
Michelle Marie Mello
Sharon Chalmers & Al Leodus Melvin
Manoj P. Menon
Susan Marie Merkel
Sharon Pickard Merritt & Percy Durant Merritt Jr.
William Mietlowski & Mary Jane Mietlowski
Maria Christine Mirabelli
Carlon Virginia Jackson Mitchell
David Momrow
Thomas Joseph Monaco Jr. & Jane Holland Monaco
Rose Wilcher & Paul Edward Monahan
Edward Benjamin Money Jr.
Elizabeth Claire Montague
David McDaniel Moore III & Hannah Yang Moore
Donald L. Moore
Jonathan David Moore
Karen Ann Moore
Anna Chaiko Morrill
Joseph Patrick Morrissey
Caryn Gee Morse & Christopher Rankin
Jennifer Leigh Mullendore
John Bertrand Mulligan Jr.
Eugenio S. Nalian & Maricel Lim Nalian
Dennis Freeman Naugle
William Bernard Neser
Network for Good
Catherine Barrett Newhouser
Elizabeth Guthrie Nichols
Sharon Nicholson Harrell
Linda Niessen
Novartis U.S. Foundation
Patrick Joseph O’Connor
Richard Davis Olin
L. Dean Oliver
Pamela Alston & J. Mark Oliver
Margaret E. O’Neil
Joan Ann Oppenheimer
Louis Joseph Orban
Margaret Ostafin
Richard & Theresa Paice
Aishwarya Palwai
Nancy Jordan Parker
Patricia Diane Parker
Sheryl Lynne Parker
Mallie Jether Paschall IV
Jane Smith Patterson & Henry Newton Patterson Jr.
Michael Anthony Penne
Stephen Gregg Pennell
Howard August Peters
A. Keith & Kimberly Clark Phillips
Melvin Thomas Pinn Jr.
R. Jackson Pleasant
Mary Lou Poe & Dennis Albert Revicki
Sarah Edwards Porter
James Vincent Porto Jr. and Victoria Dixon Mikow-Porto
Juli M. Powers
Stephen Praissman
Rose Marie Pratt
Diane Prescott
Scott Martin Presson
Ana Margarita Prieto
Timothy Wayne Prince & Lisa Thomas-Prince
Cynthia Johnston Probst
Elizabeth Larsen & Davis Curtis Pullen
Alan J. Rabideau
Chirag Dipak Rajpuria
Brian Lee Ramaley
Morgan K. Ranstrom
Kimberly Jane Ray
Martha Jean Reddout
Madhavi Muchha Reddy
Donald William & Karen Hillix Reinfurt
Marilyn Anne Reynolds-Canty
John Kimber Rezen
David Byron Rice
Russell Howard Richardson*
Susan Jones Richardson
Brian D. F. Richmond
Martha Cornwell Riddell
Tamar Ringel-Kulka & Yehuda Ringel
Paul Vincent Rocereto
Bobby Edward Rogers
Alton Glenn & Frances Turner Ross
Pamela Kim Ross
Catherine Palisi Rowan
Subir Roy
Eli Joseph Rubin
Maria Citarella & Jeff Russell
William Anthony & Donna Renfrow Rutala
Marjorie Rose Sable
Denise Montanaro Sailstad
Jerry Salak
Jeffrey Dale Sanders
Ben Lovett Sanford
David Hess Sarr
William & Anne Satterfield
Maggie L. Sauer
William Bishop Saunders
Peter Lawrence & Susan Mertz Saviteer
Daniel Solomon Schechter
Jerald Scott & Sharon M. Schindler
Patricia Gail Schnitzer
Julie Hayes & John Hunter Seibert
Kofi Alavi & Joyce Gyamerawah Semenya
Anne Lassiter Sessoms
Carol J. Shannon
Sarah Morrow Shelley
Chuan-Feng Shih
Denise & David Shortino
Valeria Denise Shropshire
Joseph Edward Sickles II
Pam Cindy Silberman & Jack Holtzman
Elizabeth Hamerschlag Sims
Claudia May Smith
Ellen Sim & Jeffrey Alan Snyder
Nancy Lynn Sonnenfeld
Johnnie S. & Janet Hayes Southerland
Neil Lee & Denise Jean Spector
Laura Marie St. Martin
Emily Anne Stallings
Valerie Lewis Stallings
Morris Fearin Stamm*
John Haywood Stanley
Barbara Ellen Starrett
Gregg Martin Stave & Christine Marie Hunt
Susan Elizabeth Steck
Cheryl Randy Stein
Betsy Van Belois Stikeleather
Mary Charles Suther
Rebekah Gales Swain
Robert Charles Sykes
Rachel Gail Tabak & Martin William Schoen
Brian C. & Kara Anne Taff
Catherine M. Tangen
Douglas James Taylor
Steven Michael & Carol Richmond Teutsch
The Duke Endowment
Gene Dennis Therriault
Alice Raymond Thomson
Julie Poh Thurlow
David Cheng-Da Tong
Patricia Broyhill Trice
Paul David & Alison Miller Trinkoff
Annie Wang Tu
Lou Flippin Turner
Emily Thomason Tyler
Margaret Bliss Umphres
United Way of Central Indiana Inc.
Kimberly Ann Urban
William Alvin Van Wie II
Catherine P. Vangellow
Robert Irving Wakeley
Charles Raymond Wakild & Susan Heuer Wakild
Dennis Dale Wallace
James Grier Wallace Jr. & Jacquelyn Wallace
Ralph Gene Wallace
Susan Wall & Mitchell Taylor Wallin
Sheryl Furfaro Walters
McWilson Warren
Adeline Gracey Washington
Amanda Reynolds Waters
B. Peyton Watson
David Bruce Webster Jr. & Connie Gayle White

Ganesa Rebecca Wegienka
Victor John Weigman Jr.
Kathryn Wellman
Roland Willis Wentworth
Laurence A. & Constance B. Wescott
B. Alexander White Jr.
Rosita Whitman
Deanna Christine Wilkie
Mark Edward & Jane Clark Williams
Janet Horsley & Bruce G. Willis
Thomas Armand Wilson
Robert Oakley Winters
David A. Wohl & Alison Sue Rose Hilton
Christopher Wildrick Woods
Nancy Fugate Woods & James Sterrett Woods III
Susan Grace Woods
Ayaba G. Worjoloh
Linda Kay Worman
Wayne Edward Wormsley
Patsy Hart Worrell
Gladys K. Yam
Jingzhen Yang
Carl Nobuo Yoshizawa
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
William N. Zelman & Janet G. Zelman
Zhi Zhong & Pei-Feng Deng
Katherine Shelden Ziegler


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