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Fighting infectious disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer
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Eliminating health disparities

Ensuring equal access for all

Data driven by caring and change

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." —Henry Ford

From research to real world

Implementation science [im-pluh-muhn-tey-shuhn] [sahy-uhns] noun 1. the dissemination and implementation of research into real-world settings.

The way we were

Faculty members who arrived at UNC in the 1960s and 1970s share their recollections of those earlier years

May — October 2014 school news


In memoriam

Remembering friends of the School

Honor roll of donors

Connect, engage, invest

Jill and Michael Kafrissen

In support of research on aging

Paula Brown Stafford

In gratitude for a wonderful career

John Wiesman

"I got all that and more from the Gillings School."

Acknowledgements (Fall, 2014)

Thanks to our Foundation Board, Advisory Council and others who support Carolina Public Health

Tar Heels around the world

Global presence, local impact

Earth. Air. Water. Gillings.

A track record of success at the junction of public health, water and sanitation

A legacy of caring for women and children

"Today, UNC plays the strongest role in maternal and child health in the nation." —Dr. Pierre Buekens

The Gillings School — a leader in rural health-care innovation and service

Fashioning opportunities that allow people to make good choices

North Carolina's school of public health: then and now

75 years committed to North Carolina and the world

Management and leadership training on a local and global scale

Development of the School’s Public Health Leadership Program: a whole greater than the sum of its parts

Our alumni

18,000 and counting

New professorship in dental heath established

A gift from Chester and Joy Douglass

Miller named new associate dean for advancement

A seasoned development professional joins the Gillings School

Shults funds injury prevention scholarship

A scholarship for the study of injury epidemiology

Seven decades, seven deans

Seven examples of inspirational leadership