Gillings School redoubles efforts on implementation science and HIV in South Africa

August 20, 2019
What connects South Africa, the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, and public health teaching and research? Two words: Implementation science.

Singh Ongechi awarded Hettleman Prize for supporting mothers and children around the globe

August 9, 2019
"Dr. Singh Ongechi’s innovative work consistently has contributed to the improvement of the health of vulnerable populations who are, at times, invisible," said Dr. Carolyn Halpern.

Researchers propose action plan to improve quality health services for nations facing ‘extreme adversity’

August 5, 2019
In order to help the World Health Organization meet its goal of better protecting one billion people from health emergencies by 2023, a team of researchers from the Gillings School has proposed an evidence-based framework to improve the quality of health services in areas facing extreme adversity.

Leatherman to receive award for contributions to global health care

July 30, 2019
Sheila Leatherman, MSW, professor of health policy and management at the Gillings School, will receive the International Society for Quality in Health Care Presidential Citation for Distinguished Service Award this October.

Gillings grad recognized for documenting food insecurity in Yemen

July 9, 2019
“Traditional food insecurity trends are not applicable to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.” That’s how Rawan Ajeen, a recent graduate of the Gillings School, summarizes her findings on food insecurity in Yemen.

Packard Foundation to support ‘score card’ intervention for family planning in Kenya

July 3, 2019
Dr. Katherine Tumlinson wants to help women in low-income countries access family planning. "Women must be able to safely achieve their desired family size,” she says, “but health care providers in these countries sometimes discourage family planning use by engaging in negative behaviors."

Salzberg to direct UNC’s Water Institute

July 1, 2019
An international leader in global water policy, peace and security, Dr. Aaron Salzberg, has been selected as the Don and Jennifer Holzworth Distinguished Professor and director of The Water Institute at the UNC Gillings School.

UNC Gillings researchers translate Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index for use in rural Iraq

June 26, 2019
“Mental health is a part of public health,” explained Dr. Dilshad Jaff. “In order to assess mental health properly, we also need to evaluate sleep quality.”

USAID awards MEASURE Evaluation $36 million to support malaria control and elimination

June 25, 2019
Malaria is a major cause of death worldwide, with an estimated 219 million cases and 435,000 deaths in 2017, primarily in Africa.

Lack of diversity in genomic research hinders precision medicine for nonwhite Americans

June 19, 2019
A new study uncovers 65 genetic variants found in understudied minority populations that could lead to improved precision medicine for those groups.

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