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Tamarie Macon, PhD

Tamarie Macon

Tamarie Macon, PhD

Assistant Professor
Public Health Leadership Program

Dr. Tamarie Macon is an assistant professor for the Public Health Leadership Program and the Director of Community Initiatives for MAHEC. Dr. Macon has public health leadership experience that includes stakeholder development, community building, social justice and racial equity work, health policy research and collegiate instruction. After serving as a legislative aide in the U.S. Senate as a Kaiser Family Foundation Health Policy Fellow, she earned a doctorate degree in education and psychology from the University of Michigan. Dr. Macon completed a postdoctoral fellowship at New York University in the Applied Psychology department. Since moving back to North Carolina, she has been active in many local public health and social service organizations in Western North Carolina, including serving as the director of the Permanent Supportive Housing program at Homeward Bound of WNC and on the Board of Directors at the YWCA of Asheville.

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