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Micah McCumber, MS

Micah McCumber, MS

Social/Clinical Research Manager
Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
  • 123 W. Franklin Street, Suite 450
  • CB #8030
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27516
  • USA

Key Publications

Venous thromboembolism: A Call for risk assessment in all hospitalised patients. ISTH Steering Committee for World Thrombosis Day (2016). Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 116(5), 777-779.

The design and implementation of a new surveillance system for venous thromboembolism using combined active and passive methods. Wendelboe AM, Campbell J, McCumber M, Bratzler D, Ding K, Beckman M, Reyes N, Raskob G (2015). American Heart Journal, 170(3), 447-454.

Global public awareness of venous thromboembolism. Wendelboe AM, McCumber M, Hylek EM, Buller H, Weitz JI, Raskob G; ISTH Steering Committee for World Thrombosis Day (2015). Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 13(8), 1365-1371.

Inducing Herd Immunity against Seasonal Influenza in Long-Term Care Facilities through Employee Vaccination Coverage: A Transmission Dynamics Model. Wendelboe AM, Grafe C, McCumber M, Anderson MP (2015). Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine.

Thrombosis: a major contributor to the global disease burden. ISTH Steering Committee for World Thrombosis Day (2014). Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 12(10), 1580-1590.

Staff/Administrative Duties

As a biostatistician at the Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center (CSCC), Micah's duties include the following:

- Provide technical, operational and statistical support for studies as needed to meet timelines for monthly management, annual and ad hoc reports.

- Provide manuscript writing group support, conduct exploratory analyses as needed, write computing requests, and review and validate statistical computing results. Write statistical results sections. Provide statistical computing support as needed.

- Serve as collaborator with study committees and facilitate communication of agendas for conference calls and meetings or training sessions. Provide materials for meetings within deliverable timelines.


PhD, Epidemiology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 2018

MS , Biostatistics, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 2012

BS, Mathematics, Oklahoma Christian University, 2010

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