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James Russell Pike, MBA

James Pike

James Russell Pike, MBA

Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
  • 123 West Franklin Street, Suite 450
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27516
  • USA

Key Publications

Psychosocial characteristics of smoking patterns among young adult Samoans and Tongans in California. Rainer, M.A., Xie, B., Sabado-Liwag, M.D., Kwan, P., Pike, J.R., Tan, N., Vaivao, D.E., May, V., Pang, J., Toilolo, T., Tanjasiri, S.P., Palmer, P.H. (2019). Addictive Behaviors Reports, 9j.

Institute on Aging: When nonprofits operate like for-profits. Pike, J.R., Sathe, V.  (2018). Ivey Publishing.

Share of advertising voice at the point-of-sale and its influence on at-risk students’ use of alternative tobacco products. Beleva, Y., Pike, J.R., Miller, S., Xie, B., Ames, S.L., Stacy, A.W.  (2019). Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 21(7), 903-910.

A community-based approach to biospecimen collection among Pacific Islanders. Kwan, P., Sabado-Liwag, M.D., Tan, N., Pike, J.R., Custodio, H., LaBreche, A., Fex, C., May, V., Pang, J.K., Pang, V.K., Santos, L., Toilolo, T., Tulua. A., Vaivao, D.E., Xie, B., Tanjasiri, S.P., Palmer, P.  (2018). Health Promotion Practice.

Biospecimen education among Pacific Islanders in Southern California. Tan, N., Custodio, H., LaBreche, M., Fex, C.C., May, V., Pang, J.K., Pang, V.K., Santos, L., Toilolo, T., Tulua, A., Vaivao, D.E., Sabado-Liwag, M.D., Pike, J.R., Xie, B., Kwan, P., Palmer, P., Tanjasiri, S.P.  (2018). Journal of Cancer Education.

Development of an online smoking cessation curriculum for Pacific Islanders: A community based participatory research approach. Kwan, P., Sabado-Liwag, M.D., Lee, C., Lepule, J., Pang, V.K., Pike, J.R., Santos, L., Tanjasiri, S.P., Toilolo, T., May, V., Vaivao, D.E., Palmer, P. (2017). Progress in Community Health Partnerships, 11(3), 263-274.

Negative affect in at-risk youth: Outcome expectancies mediate relations with both regular and electronic cigarette use. Miller, S., Pike, J.R., Stacy, A.W., Xie, B., Ames, S.L.  (2017). Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 31(4), 457-464.

The prevalence and marketing of electronic cigarettes in proximity to at-risk youth: An investigation of point-of-sale practices near alternative high schools. Miller, S., Pike, J.R., Chapman, J., Xie, B., Hilton, B.N., Ames, S.L., Stacy, A.W. (2017). Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, 26(2), 119-224.

Self-regulation interventions to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in adolescents. Ames, S.L., Wurpts, I.C., Pike, J.R., MacKinnon, D.P., Reynolds, K.R., Stacy, A.W.  (2016). Appetite, 105.

Developing an Internet- and mobile-based system to measure cigarette use among Pacific Islanders: An ecological momentary assessment study. Pike, J.R., Xie, B., Tan, N., Sabado-Liwag, M.D., Orne, A., Toilolo, T., Cen, S., May, V., Lee, C., Pang, V.K., Rainer, M.A., Vaivao, D.E., Lepule, J.T., Tanjasiri, S.P., Palmer, P.H.  (2016). JMIR Mhealth Uhealth, 4(1), e2.

Staff/Administrative Duties

As a biostatistician at the Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center, James provides technical, operational, and statistical support for multi-site observational studies and clinical trials.


MBA, Research and Strategy, Claremont Graduate University, 2016

BA, Multimedia Production, University of Southern California, 2002

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