Dr. Emanuele Sozzi

Emanuele Sozzi, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering


Dr. Sozzi has broad interests in the role of innovative engineering infrastructures in the control of domestic and global WaSH-related infectious diseases and protecting global public health in general. His current research focuses on four areas: 1) technologies for the physico-chemical treatment of water and wastewater; 2) water reuse; 3) environmental justice-focused research to prepare NC communities to be more resilient to extreme weather events (i.e. global warming mitigation); and 4) water- and sanitation-safety-planning (WSP and SSP). Topics of particular interest within these areas include: 1) the disinfection of high-risk human waste (HRHW); 2) the investigation and control of water- and wastewater-related outbreaks (such as Ebola and cholera); 3) improving the control and monitoring of antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) organisms, as well as genes and pathogens, that are resistant to conventional disinfection methods. Dr. Sozzi has previously worked as a consultant for international governmental, non-governmental and private organizations, such as the World Health Organization, MSF (Doctors without Borders) and Oxfam.

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Key Publications

Occurrence of male-specific and somatic coliphages and relationship with rainfall in privately-owned wells from peri-urban and rural households. Megan A. Stallard, Riley Mulhern, Emily Greenwood, Taylor Franklin, Lawrence S. Engel, Michael B. Fisher, Mark D. Sobsey, Hania Zanib, Rachel T. Noble, Jill R. Stewart, Emanuele Sozzi (2021). Water Research X.
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Are point-of-use water filters safe for private wells? Evaluating the occurrence of microbial indicator organisms in activated carbon block water filters treating private well water. Riley Mulhern, Megan Stallard, Hania Zanib, Jill Stewart, Emanuele Sozzi, Jackie MacDonald Gibson. (2021). IJHEH.

Capsid integrity quantitative PCR to determine virus infectivity in environmental and food applications; a systematic review. Leifels, M., Dan, C., Sozzi, E., Shoults, D.C., Wuertz, S., Mongkolsuk, S., Sirikanchana, K. (2020). Water Research.
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An Environmental Science and Engineering Framework for Combating Antimicrobial Resistance. • Pruden, A., Alcalde, R., Alvarez, P., Ashbolt, N., Bischel, H., Capiro, N., Crossette, E., Frigon, D., Grimes, K., Haas, C., Ikuma, K., Kappell, A., LaPara, T., Kimbell, L., Li, M., Li, X., McNamara, P., Seo, Y., Sobsey, M., Sozzi, E., Navab-Daneshmand, T., Nguyen, Thanh H., Raskin, L., Riquelme, M., Vikesland, P., Wigginton, K., Zhou, Z. (2018). Environmental Engineering Science.
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Improving Monitoring and Water Point Functionality in Rural Ethiopia. Anthonj, C., Fleming, L., Ambelu, A., Cronk, R., Godfrey, S., Sozzi, E., Bevan, J., Bartram, J. (2019). Water – Special Issue Monitoring and Governance of Water and Sanitation Services and Water Resources for Sustainable Development.
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Capsid Integrity qPCR—An Azo-Dye Based and Culture-Independent Approach to Estimate Adenovirus Infectivity after Disinfection and in the Aquatic Environment. Leifels, M., Shoults, D., Wiedemeyer, A., Ashbolt, N., Sozzi, E., Hagemeier, A. and Jurzik, L (2019). Water – Special Issue Water Quality Impacts of Contaminant Transport and Transformation.
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A Bioassay-based Chemical Neutralization Protocol to Determine the Disinfectant Dose to Treat Highly Infectious Human Faecal Waste: A Case Study on Benzalkonium Chloride. Sozzi, E. and Baloch N., Strasser, J., Fisher, M.B., Leifels, M., Camacho, J., Mishal, N., Elmes, S.F., Allen, G., Gadai, G., Valenti, L., Sobsey, M.D.  (2018). Internat. Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health..
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WHO – Ebola Virus Disease – Key Questions and Answers Concerning Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. (2014).
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Minimizing the risk of disease transmission in emergency settings: novel in situ physico-chemical disinfection of pathogen-laden hospital wastewaters. . Sozzi, E., Fabre, K., Fesselet, J.-F., Ebdon, J.E. and Taylor, H.D.  (2015). Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases.
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Cutting the cholera risk – alternative approaches for medical centre wastewater treatment. . Taylor, H., Fesselet, J.-F., Sozzi, E., Curtis, T., and Mahama, A.  (2011). Water21,  (August), 47.

Treatment of dairy wastewater with aerobic granular sludge - Experiences and mathematical modelling. . Wichern M., Schwarzenbeck N., Lübken M., Sozzi E., Horn H.  (2008). GWF, Wasser - Abwasser, 149(3).


  • PhD, Global Public Health and Microbiology, School of Environment and Technology – University of Brighton (United Kingdom)
  • MSc, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, School of Environmental Engineering – Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy)
  • BEng, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering (MSc – BEng program), School of Environmental Engineering – Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy)