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Anna Kucharska-Newton, PhD

Anna Kucharska-Newton

Anna Kucharska-Newton, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology
  • 137 East Franklin Street, Suite 306
  • CB #8050
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27514
  • USA

Research Interest

  • Heart Disease and Stroke

Key Publications

Body mass index at early adulthood, subsequent weight change and cancer incidence and mortality. P Bradshaw, X Han, C Joshu, A Kucharska-Newton, E Platz, A Prizment, J Stevens, K Truesdale (2014). International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer.

Comparable Ascertainment of Newly-Diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation Using Active Cohort Follow-Up versus Surveillance of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study. A Alonso, L Bengtson, L Chen, S Duval, A Folsom, E Fox, A Kucharska-Newton, L Loehr, P Lutsey, W Rosamond, S Stearns, C Sueta, L Wruck, H Yeh (2014). PloS one, 9(4), e94321.

Functional status declines among cancer survivors: Trajectory and contributing factors. Randi Foraker, Xuesong Han, Debra Irwin, Anna Kucharska-Newton, Jessica Petrick, Elizabeth Platz, Bryce Reeve, Sally Stearns, B. Windham (2014). Journal of Geriatric Oncology.

Quality of care for heart failure patients hospitalized for any cause. Sunil Agarwal, Saul Blecker, Donald Casey, Patricia Chang, Josef Coresh, Stuart Katz, Anna Kucharska-Newton, Martha Radford, Wayne Rosamond (2014). Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 63(2), 123-130.

Race- and sex-associated differences in rate-adjusted QT, QTpeak, ST elevation and other regional measures of repolarization: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study. Richard Gregg, Milan Horaĉek, Wesley Jr., Anna Kucharska-Newton, Pentti Rautaharju, Wayne Rosamond, Elsayed Soliman, James Warren, Zhu-ming Zhang (2014). Journal of Electrocardiology.

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