Scott Rhodes, PhD


Adjunct Associate Professor
Health Behavior

Professor, Social Sciences and Health Policy
Wake Forest University

Division of Public Health Sciences
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Medical Center Blvd
Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1063

Research interests

  • Health behavior
  • Minority health
  • Sexually transmitted diseases


Professor, Social Sciences and Health Policy
Wake Forest University

    • Research focuses on health promotion and disease prevention in both rural and urban communities
      • sexual health
      • HIV and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention
      • health disparities among vulnerable communities, including
        • self-identified gay and bisexual men and non-self-identifying MSM
        • Latino communities (including MSM, heterosexual men, and women)
        • persons living with HIV and AIDS
        • men of color
  • Broad experience with Respondent Driven Experience in a variety of qualitative data collection techniques, analysis approaches, and processes to ensure valid interpretation
  • Extramurally funded studies have included in-depth interviews, focus groups, iterative interviews and Photovoice. We have most often applied grounded theory.

Primary teaching areas

  • CBPR
  • Latino men’s health
  • Sexual health, HIV/AIDS

Primary Research areas

  • CBPR
  • Latino men’s health
  • Sex
Staff/administrative responsibilities

As HB adjunct:

  • Classroom or continuing education lecture
  • Faculty research collaboration
  • Dissertation committee member
  • Practicum preceptor