Mark D. Sobsey


ESE_Pic_SobseyKenan Distinguished Professor
Environmental Sciences & Engineering

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile

Rosenau Hall, Room 148
135 Dauer Drive
Campus Box 7431
Chapel Hill 27599-7431
T: 919-966-7303
F: 919-966-7911

Research Interests

Kenan Distinguished Professor Sobsey studies human exposure to and health effects from pathogens (disease-causing) microbes in water, food and other environmental media to which people can become exposed in the developed and developing word. An important focus of this research is to combine microbial detection of pathogens (and microbial indicators for them) in these media with human health effects studies (such as diarrheal disease prevalence and incidence) in populations exposed to these media in order to quantify disease risks and burdens, devise and evaluate interventions to reduce these risks, such as water treatment processes that reduce pathogen, and use this information to conduct risk assessments and inform policy decisions for risk management. Hence this research shifts the axis of the University to work that informs integrated environmental decision-making and influences State, national and global policy on water, sanitation and health.


Key publications
Barbee SL; Weber DJ; Sobsey MD; Rutala WA (1999) Inactivation of Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst infectivity by disinfection and sterilization processes. Gastrointest Endosc: vol.49, p.605-11.
Shieh YS; Baric RS; Sobsey MD (1997) Detection of low levels of enteric viruses in metropolitan and airplane sewage. Appl Environ Microbiol: vol.63, p.4401-7.
Chung H;Jaykus L A;Sobsey M D (1996) Detection of human enteric viruses in oysters by in vivo and in vitro amplification of nucleic acids. Applied and Environmental Microbiology: vol.62, p.3772-8.
Jaykus L A;De Leon R;Sobsey M D (1996) A virion concentration method for detection of human enteric viruses in oysters by PCR and oligoprobe hybridization. Applied and Environmental Microbiology: vol.62, p.2074-80.
Schwab K J;De Leon R;Sobsey M D (1996) Immunoaffinity concentration and purification of waterborne enteric viruses for detection by reverse transcriptase PCR. Applied and Environmental Microbiology: vol.62, p.2086-94.