Hans W. Paerl


Joint Professor 
Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Distinguished Professor 
Institute of Marine Sciences

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3431 Arendell Street 
Campus Box 3301 
Morehead City 28557 
T: 252-726-6841 


1973  University of California, Davis

Key Publications

Paerl, H.W. and R.S. Fulton III. (2006) 
Ecology of harmful cyanobacteria.
In E. Graneli and J. Turner [Eds.]. Ecology of Harmful Marine Algae. Springer, Berlin, p.Pp. 95-107.

Paerl, H.W., L.M. Valdes, A.R. Joyner, B.L. Peierls, C.P. Buzzelli, M. F. Piehler, S.R. Riggs, R R. Christian, J.S. Ramus, E.J. Clesceri, L.A. Eby, L.W. Crowder, and R.A. Luettich . (2006) 
Ecological response to hurricane events in the Pamlico Sound System, NC and implications for assessment and management in a regime of increased frequency.
Estuaries and Coasts: vol.29, p.1033-1045..

Paerl, H.W., L.M. Valdes, A.R. Joyner, and V. Winkelmann. (2007) 
Phytoplankton Indicators of Ecological Change in the Nutrient and Climatically-Impacted Neuse River-Pamlico Sound System, North Carolina.
Ecological Applications: vol.17(5), p.88-101.. Paerl, H. W., M.F. Piehler (2008) 
Nitrogen and Marine Eutrophication. In, D.G, Capone, M. Mulholland and E. Carpenter (Eds.), Nitrogen in the Marine Environment, Vol. 2.
Academic Press, p.529-559. Paerl, H. W. and J. Huisman (2009) 
Climate Change: A Catalyst for Global Expansion of Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms.
Environmental Microbiology Reviews: vol.1, p.27-37.